Saturday, 24 September 2011

Birthday Wishlist

Since I'm most probably gonna have to celebrate this year's birthday on my own, it would be nice to fantasize about what I would LOVE to have this year...hahahha
1) First off, a nice bottle of wine would be great...*hint*hint*so i can actually start my collection for my future wine cellar that I wanna two for keeping and one more for me to actually taste them eh?:PPP
However, this is sadly harder to get in Malaysia as a good bottle usually cost a hundred plus or compared to abroad where a good bottle is usually obtainable in $15 even...sigh...makes you wonder why...
PS: Brunello and Dolcetto are the two I haven't tried...the usual ones are always Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc so...:D:D:D

2) A nice pair of shoes would be nice too...A girl can never have a pair too many...and besides, a good pair would make a painful journey bearable and a good one even better!
3) More charms for my Thomas Sabo charms bracelet? A puppy in basket which look so much like my Summyboi would be best! kekeke, however, any other charms would be deeply appreciated all the same :PPP

4) A trendier and nicer specs? But I don't look good in specs so that could be KIV-ed first :D Maybe some nerdy looking ones like this some day eh?;D
5) More books? Haha...(if I have the time to finish reading them)

I would have love making this list longer but maybe there should be some space left to the imaginations instead? hahahha...surprises would be interesting as well...:P and...I don't wanna seem to greedy ;P


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