Thursday, 25 November 2010

To The Best Mum Ever~

It’s been a while
Since you’ve gone
I don’t go to the church,
Nor the temple,
So I’m not sure about angels,
Much less heaven,
But if there’s one,
I hope you’re there…

It hurts to lose you,
But I’m kinda glad,
Cos your pain’s finally gone,
And the suffering too
You never complain, or even cry,
But I know you're in pain most of the time...
I saw you grimaced as you tried getting up, 
But you quickly smiled when you caught me looking,
You showed me the meaning of being strong
When things get rough

I used to complain
From A to Z
Nothing's ever good enough
For the ungrateful brat
Now that you've gone
I missed it all; 
Your food, your concern, your love...

You never judged me, 
Choosing to support me through it all~
You convinced me I am perfect
When no one else did
You told me my work was art
When no one else would
You believed in me
When no one else could
You were my friend, my mentor, my support,
But most of all, you were my mum
I guess I just never saw then
Just how important you were

I missed the way our house was a HOME, 
Each meals was a surprise, 
Each day was special...
You treat us like royalty
But we took it for granted
Never thought it wouldn't last...

I was lost when you left,
And life goes on like it does, 
But it's never the same anymore...:'(

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Stop Child Abuse

    Child abuse can be an act of negligence be it physical, emotional or even education-wise by a person or persons responsible for the care of the child herself/himself. The most common and easiest to identify would be physical ones such as physical abuse or even sexual abuse. The acts of hitting, punching, kicking or hurting a helpless child is sick and it is heart-wrenching to see an innocent child being beaten half to death by some creeps. Or even worse, manipulating kids to do sexual acts when they didn't know better? Or forcing them to commit sexual acts and I quote "fondling a child’s genitals, making the child fondle the adult’s genitals, intercourse, incest, rape, sodomy, exhibitionism and sexual exploitation".I wish all these would stop and I never have to see news of child abuse appearing so often in the newspapers. Despite that, there are probably lots more not reported as it is.


    This is the Part II :)

    Note: Author only claimed the originality of the text, the poem and the smiley face. Other diagrams are googled from websites. If there are stuffs taken from other sources, it is mentioned below :)

    Dear God, 
    They say if I'm good, 
    I'll be with you one day,
    I just have to bear with the pain,
    And I can't complain,
    I really hope I'm at the top of your list,
    Cause I'm not sure if I can take it anymore,
    Maybe when I'm with you, 
    I'll finally be loved,
    Just like the kids in TV,
    So God, I'm praying as hard as I can,
    And if Santa knows you,
    All I want for this Xmas,
    Would be for him to bring me to YOU~
    (Just something I wrote)

    We often mistook child abuse for something that is apparent like in physical abuse or sexual ones (like what I've mentioned in the previous post) but there are others too~ Like negligence, where some families fail to even provide the basic necessity for the child in question, food, clothes, basic shelter, education, etc. Is it a question of financial difficulties? The lack of education? This is one of the child abuses that I would love to see being put to an end. As this is a more subtle form of abuse, lesser actions are more likely to be taken. It's hard enough that the obvious ones are taken lightly, especially by the Malaysian's attitude of "Let others take care of it, I'm staying out of their business" kind of attitude. This is definitely highlighted and exemplified in an article by Petra Gimbad recently in The Sun where Malaysians seemed to look the other way when faced with cases of sexual abuse and child abuse. I for one, would be more than happy to see that these acts of child abuse stop.

    What about emotional abuse of a child? It is harder to pinpoint this or even detect it properly. It's not something which the public can see easily and even try stopping. The verbal abuse probably occur when there are no prying eyes or ears at the quiet of their homes. A child being scolded mercilessly for everything or anything they've done? What would that actually do to their growth? Always being told that they aren't good enough, aren't pretty or good looking enough, aren't smart enough, and aren't everything else. The 'bully' would cause a lot of grief and pain, especially if they are the ones the children look up to for protection. Sometimes these 'bullies' or 'perpetrator' did not realise the extent of the words they utter...If more awareness can be created, maybe this act of abuse will stop too! To end this post, let's all have a look at the myths surrounding child abuse :)

    MYTH #1: It's only abuse if it's violent.
    Fact: Physical abuse is just one type of child abuse. Neglect and emotional abuse can be just as damaging, and since they are more subtle, others are less likely to intervene. .
    MYTH #2: Only bad people abuse their children.
    Fact: While it's easy to say that only "bad people" abuse their children, it's not always so black and white. Not all abusers are intentionally harming their children. Many have been victims of abuse themselves, and don’t know any other way to parent. Others may be struggling with mental health issues or a substance abuse problem.
    MYTH #3: Child abuse doesn't happen in “good” families.
    Fact: Child abuse doesn't only happen in poor families or bad neighborhoods. It crosses all racial, economic, and cultural lines. Sometimes, families who seem to have it all from the outside are hiding a different story behind closed doors.
    MYTH #4: Most child abusers are strangers.
    Fact: While abuse by strangers does happen, most abusers are family members or others close to the family
    MYTH #5: Abused children always grow up to be abusers.
    Fact: It is true that abused children are more likely to repeat the cycle as adults, unconsciously repeating what they experienced as children. On the other hand, many adult survivors of child abuse have a strong motivation to protect their children against what they went through and become excellent parents.


    Monday, 22 November 2010

    It's a dog's life!

    Been reading some blogs and googling stuffs about dogs and here's a few I've read which I think means a lot. In a world where true friends are hard to find, we seemed to turn our sights to pets, and as a dog-lover myself, I can kinda understand. A poem from a doggie's's a lil sad..:S

    I got to the gate of Heaven yesterday
    After we said good-bye.
    I began to miss you terribly,
    Because I heard you cry.
    Suddenly there was an Angel
    And she asked me to enter Heaven's gate.
    I asked her if I could stay outside
    For someone who'd be late.
    I wouldn't make much noise you see,
    I wouldn't bark or howl.
    I'll only wait here patiently
    And play with my tennis ball.
    The Angel said I could stay right here
    And wait for you to come.
    Because Heaven just wouldn't be Heaven
    If I went in alone.
    So I'll wait right here, you take your time.
    But keep me in your heart.
    Because Heaven just wouldn't be Heaven
    Without you to warm my heart.
     (Grabbed from
    Isn't it so touching? Couldn't help getting a lil teary after reading it..

    My lil doggie, isn't he so cute? :D

    Well, dogs are definitely cute, especially when they are young puppies but as they grew older, things changed. What stays are their loyalty and friendship, but most people forgot that as you can see lots of strays wandering about. Keeping pets are responsibilities which shouldn't be taken lightly...

    There were news about how Malaysian simply cater off the strays and dumping them on an island like what some in Pulau Ketam did a while back...sigh..
    Here's a link where abandoned doggies are rescued and are put up for adoptions :) We should do our share too! (especially if any of you are looking for a pet doggy)

    7 Spices Indian Cuisine JB

    I had one of the nyummiest Indian food ever at this place...the service was wonderful, the prices are reasonable and the food was awesome...I am still so bloated after all the food I squeezed into my limited tummy space...*lip-smack*
    7 Spices Special Lassi (RM6)
    -The nyummiest drinks ever! 
    -A mix of dragon fruit and mango with lassi in this drink...doesn't it look colourful as well?
    You get to eat your food on the banana leaves...Yea, it's supposed to be your 'plate' cute right? :D:D
    We have these to share:

    Butter Chicken Masala (RM13)
    -This is very nice, not too spicy since I can't take real spicy stuff, with bits of chicken and some creamy stuff which I assumed is the butter or cream...The tomato-based puree gives a lil sourish taste which I LOVED! a great one, though most of the food comes in pretty small portions..and the chicken are all boneless (They asked how you would like them when taking your order, ;)))

    Kadai Lamb (Boneless) (RM17)
    -Initially, this dish isn't spicy and is pretty fragrant with the spices, capsicum and generous onions and such, but if you take it for a while, it started getting a lil spicy..*hm* wonders why's that..Again, the portion might seem might at 1st but there's just 4 pretty small chunks of meat inside...Quite nice bt, not enough la..LOL (Hence the counting of meat eh?:P)
    7 Spice Naan (Lamb) (RM5)
    -I actually preferred this compared to the chicken version. Maybe cos the lamb is comparatively more flavorful compared to chicken :) The naan I usually had were actually cheese or garlic or some rather normal stuff and never those stuffed with meat so, this is another nice one..
    7 Spice Naan (Chicken) (RM5)
    -Similar to the lamb with the excessive butter on top (Gawd, I won't even start thinking about the calories and arteries..LOL) But it's just so deliciously...crispy and nyummy!
    Kasta Roti (RM3)
    -This is some sort like the naan, but a lil dry-er and a lil crispier..LOL..and without the meat obviously..but nevertheless, with all the extra sauces from the dishes ordered, it is definitely a nice enough dish to complement them.. :D
    If you feel like having Indian food in JB, this is the address:
    7 Spices Indian Cuisine,
    G-01, Danga Bay, Jalan Skudai, JB
    PS: The prices shown are nett (no extra charges for services and gov tax, woots!)

    Sunday, 21 November 2010

    Masks and Us

    Everyone wears a mask, but sometimes we put on a mask too much that we forgot who we really are...I guess we all wear masks of our own to face the world, in our own way, at our own pace...We wear masks to shield ourselves from things which could hurt us or in an attempt to protect people around us...Sometimes we're too engrossed in this facade that we fail to see that we are losing ourselves in the process...We wear those masks trying to fit into moulds expected of us...The expectations and the standards which society sets for us to 'fit in' led us to the necessity of wearing masks...which brings us to the fact that those who does not conform, are considered the outcasts, the black sheeps...

    Everyone keeps telling us to be ourselves, but that is definitely easier said than done. How many of us are really being ourselves? Even as a child, we are constantly told (though not always verbally) to be someone or something that is considered "good". I mean, define "good". Parents and teachers taught children to aim for jobs like doctors, accountants, engineers and so on...and most of us grew up with the idea planted in our head, so how real are our childhood ambitions? Our current ambitions? Is it based on what we have been subconsciously trying to achieve based on what that has been expected of us? We play our own roles in our world. But we are so consumed in the attempt to play it right, that we forgot what we really needed and wanted at times. We become so accustomed to our roles, we don't even realised it anymore. It's basically a never-ending circle. We stereotype others, as they do us. When we do, we actually limit ourselves to what we can actually achieve. Labelling stumped our ability to grow (emotionally and in other sense). It's hard enough to slowly lose our masks, especially when everyone is trying to fit in (regardless of age), we don't have to make it harder for others to find themselves, and us, ourselves too! Looking at the good side of others, would make our life a richer experience! :)))

    In fact, the media and internet worsen this problem. It's like we are constantly bombarded with ideals of how we should act, how we should talk, how we should feel when that's the opposite of what we are really feeling. When you are faced with the constant repetitions of those views and such, you started thinking that they ARE what you feel and want too! It's like a reverse physcology or sumthink...Something like if you keep thinking you are a loser, then that's what you become...Everything started with an idea...a belief...As a result of all those pressure, what else can we do but hide under layers and layers of masks?

    The masks we wear differ according to our own fears and we wears them at some point or other, some more often than others. We feel frustrated at times acting the way we had to, when deep inside, we felt anger or disappointments, but we show a mask to cover it up at times, be it a polite smile, a look of indifference...all this could be due to manners ingrained in us since young, or simply because, we couldn't afford to show it (I don't have to explain this do I?). At times, we wanted to share, but fear of rejection and ridicule usually is enough to keep us quiet..hence, another layer of mask to cover up our emotions. If labelling and stereotyping stops, maybe all the masks we all have to wear at times can stop too!

    Sometimes, we can go through life with masks of "I am fine" to cover up all the hurt and pain, never finding the answers; of the doubts and hopelessness with "I can take control" masks, but ended up depressed. When we go on about life as if everything's fine and wonders whether there are more to life than just work and getting off work, whether there are securities in just having money saved up in the banks, whether if these are the only thing that we can achieve? These masks have to be discarded.

    It isn't all bad, the masks I mean. They can be beneficial at times, for a short while...Like when you could put on a mask and literally 'mask' your emotions from getting too out of hand and hurting those around you with those sudden hurtful outbursts...But too much layers and protection behind these masks, you'll create a false facades, causing chasms between what used to be a great friendship, any relationship.

    With so much pressures around, how many masks do you have on? 1? 2? or are there too many until there are no way to identify the numbers? Or we are so accustomed to them that we falsely thought the masks we are wearing ARE who we really are? :|

    “My recipe for life is not being afraid of myself, afraid of what I think or of my opinions.” – Eartha Kitt

    This brings me to a song which I used to love...Reflections, by Christina Aguilera, probably caused of a part of the songs which always seem to feel so true..:D

    Look at me
    You may think you see
    Who I really am
    But you'll never know me
    Every day
    It's as if I play a part
    Now I see
    If I wear a mask
    I can fool the world
    But I cannot fool my heart

    Who is that girl I see
    Staring straight back at me?
    When will my reflection show
    Who I am inside?

    I am now
    In a world where I
    Have to hide my heart
    And what I believe in
    But somehow
    I will show the world
    What's inside my heart
    And be loved for who I am

    Who is that girl I see
    Staring straight back at me?
    Why is my reflection
    Someone I don't know?
    Must I pretend that I'm
    Someone else for all time?
    When will my reflection show
    Who I am inside?

    There's a heart that must be
    Free to fly
    That burns with a need to know
    The reason why

    Why must we all conceal
    What we think, how we feel?
    Must there be a secret me
    I'm forced to hide?
    I won't pretend that I'm
    Someone else for all time
    When will my reflection show
    Who I am inside?
    When will my reflection show
    Who I am inside?

    Wednesday, 17 November 2010

    Yew's Cafe

    Ok, this has got to be one of my absolute fave restaurant in JB! It has great service, good food and pretty nice ambience! me likey! (Actually, I like the Taman Perling branch best, though it doesn't look as pretty as the one in MAA Tower, but the service is better ;) and I'm an absolute sucker for good service during my meals)
    I won't be posting any photos though cos they have pretty strict rules about taking photos there, yea, I tried taking and was kinda told off...which I personally think is a shame!Eh, wait, I found they DO have photos of their food posted in the I'll just post them here as well, so you get what I'm eating :DDD Nothing like a picture to show you how good the food is..:D:D

    Today we had:
    Mexican Chicken Chop
    - I kinda like the sauce :) but I requested Curly Fries for my potato (like usual, LOL) and they are more than happy to oblige :)
    PS: The fruit salad wasn't like the pic shown here but it wasn't too far off :)
    Crispy Oatmeal Chicken
    -This was wad my fren had but I've had it before, it was pretty nice I guess but after having the whole piece on your own, you might get a lil...too fully appreciate any more chicken coming your way..blerk!
     Tortilla Chicken Roll
    -Ok, this tasted a lil like LOBAK (Hokkien, or Chinese Meat Roll in Tortilla Wrap). Not that I'm complaining, it was pretty good...actually I liked it best among some of the other tortilla rolls I've tried such as the spicy one, Cheese Double Chicken and Chillies and Tokyo Chicken Tortilla Wrap. Personally, I kinda dislike all the Tokyo Chicken series either in the chicken chop or tortilla cos I don;t really fancy the smell of the miso sauce in my western food..but well, that's just me :)
    I noticed that their site and facebook does not feature any pictures for their drinks, which is a shame cos their drinks are works of art..LOL or at least, it is satisfying to know there are some shops who still do freshly squeezed juices for those fancy labels they give to each drinks. Today I had Tropical Sun which was a mixture of orange and pineapple (pretty good) and my fren had ice lemon tea. I actually preferred some of their other drinks compared to Tropical Sun such as their famous sapodilla milkshake, arg, tropical sunset or sumtink? or the one with 3 fruits and roselle...(sorry, I cant recall the names)

    Among my other fave for this restaurants include their:
    Yew's Lamb Shank
    -It is the BEST lamb shank I've tasted so far, not even the one from a German Restaurant I had a while back can fight with this one LOL..OK, maybe that's a bit overdoing it but it's really good..the accompanying pasta is a lil bland usually (I kinda had this for like a few times and I've noted that the pasta are ALWAYS bland, maybe cos the lamb shank comes with a very tasty sauce, so you r supposed to use that sauce to add a lil flavour to the pasta?I duno)

     Oxtail Soup
    -It has been ages since I've had real oxtail soup in restaurants. Most restaurants might put this up in their menu, but they had been disappointments...but not at Yew's..their's was nice, albeit a lil too small of a bowl..LOL and the garlic bread wasn't much to shout about, but this is DELICIOUS!
    Black pepper rib eye steak
    - Another one of my fave :) classic
     The Charcoal Broiled Norwegian Salmon
    -Sometimes, I get a lil guilty for eating too much carbs, so I turn to their salmon instead, the serving is pretty small though (for all their salmons, cos I've tried them all, but I liked this best) 
    -Or you can try something different like their Beer Batter Fish n Chips (I thought it was pretty good)
     Chicken Chop with Cheese and Ham
    -Ok, maybe more like cheese and sausages n ham, but it's not bad :)))
     Mushroom Ragout Tenderloin Steak
    -Also a pretty nice choice if u like beef, note that I've usually chosen those steaks I can afford, LOL, they have more expensive cuts as well like Wagyu Steak etc..:D:D
    These are like barely 5percent of the menu, but those listed are some of my fave and I think are worth having a go. The rest are good as well I guess but please, if you trust me, you might wanna stay away from their Mango Chutney Chicken Chop, that's the only one of their menu and Tokyo style dishes that I far..:))) Oya, and I LOVE their creme brulee as well (vanilla) but their cheesecake is a lil too...dry and rich? for me..:S
    If you are in Johor and have not been here, then you are missing out one of the best in JB..:D

    Yew's Cafe & Bistro TAMAN MOLEK (HQ) No. 63, Jln Molek 3/1, Tmn Molek, 81100, J.B., Johor, Malaysia. Tel: 607-3542312 / 3552312 | Fax: 607-3584570 TAMAN PERLING No. 266, Jln Persisiran Perling 1, Tmn Perling, 81200, J.B., Johor, Malaysia. Tel: 607-2328015 | Fax: 607-2320193 MENARA MAA (Next to New York Hotel) Suite G.02, Ground Floor, No. 15, Jln Dato' Abdullah Tahir, 80300, J.B., Johor, Malaysia. Tel: 607-3345312 | Fax: 607-3344710
    Websites are:!/pages/Yews-Cafe-Bistro/104235646295420?v=wall You can check out more of their 100++ dishes offered in their menu better in their websites :)

    Monday, 15 November 2010

    Vilaggio Restaurant

    Yesterday we randomly went around for dinner and simply picked this cafe after a couple of wrong turns. Blerk! What can I say? I'm not the best person with directions..It appears to be an Italian restaurant and it sort of is, with average? (I'll explain why later) services and disappointing drinks. Food-wise, it is quite OK but if I am to compare it to other Italian restaurants I've been to, such as Bella in Penang or Gianni's Trattoria (*drools*), JB or a few more which I could name. Let's see, I'm slightly surprised to see waitresses communicating in mandarin in an Italian restaurant -.-""" and then, I don't mind them circulating around to see whether we needed them but there's this waitress who kept peeping at our table obviously and she was a lil too close for comfort a couple of times during our meals. It's just a lil rude imo to stretch ur neck so obviously and walking so near our table for so many times in 30minutes, just a thought. Other than that, they are quite decent as they keep refilling our glasses with plain water when they see that ours ran out, but was pretty uncomfortable at first.

    What we had:
    Beef Bolognese
    - I don't really like it but my friend think it's OK so...guess it all depends on your taste :P

    Passion Fruit Juice
    -Just something from a cordial, though I ordered Passion Fruit Green Tea initially but guess they got the order wrong and I don't feel like changing it :)

    Petto De Polio
    -This is pretty good I think, the chicken breast are stuffed with cheese and served on a helping of mashed potato and Italian mango salad (but the salad wasn't as good as the ones I had in other places though, still...this wasn't bad)

    Orange Juice
    -Another drink made of cordial, I couldn't understand why establishment like this couldn't actually attempt at making better drinks since they are gonna charge anyway...sigh
    Yea, it's just us! As you can see, the ambience wasn't bad, but maybe some improvements in the services and drinks would make it a pretty good place to just eat and talk? :P

    Well, if you're interested to check this place out, they are at:
    No.48, Jalan Hang Tuah 4,
    Taman Skudai Baru,
    81300 JB (07-5567366)

    Sunday, 14 November 2010

    Why being a student makes me fat?

    1) I spend too much time eating fast food for the sake of convenience and cos it's way cheaper than having a normal meal (yes, even a meal at lousy coffeeshops is more expensive than fast food, especially McD). These are among the stuffs I have a habit of drive-through-ing and gobbling up in my room. Futhermore, they are all situated so near my hostel, making them more appealing rather than queueing up for oth orders in shops which require me to change into something appropriate before leaving the room. There's McD and BurgerKing just 5minutes away, or KFC and PizzaHut just 10 minutes away. Blerk! So much for having a healthy diet.

    2) I spent too much time sitting at my rather hard, uncomfy chair at my desk, right in front of my laptop. Basically all my entertainment and academic life circles around this specific spot. I do my endless list of projects, assignments, and info-grabbing from this laptop, and since e-books and journals are all available online, libraries are just places i visited if i really couldn't get what I wanted from the net. When I'm tired of working, I watch animes, movies, dramas, etc etc all on the same laptop or I play games or FB (duh!) and stuffs. I only budge from my "throne" when I have to go to the toilet. Note that for other stuffs like drinks and snacks, I keep them on the same desk, hence, easily reachable without even lifting my lazy butt.

    3) There is too much love for good food in me to be on a strict diet, allowing only greens and non-greasy stuffs. After a tiring day, it feels good to eat nyummy food and it doesn't help that I used to have friends who share the same passion. LOL.Not complaining though. :D:D

    Saturday, 13 November 2010

    Ah Hong Bakuteh

    It was such a cold evening, with the sun nowhere in sight even though it is just around 5pm. I have been starving myself since morning, all for last minute cramming in the name of academics achievements (yea right). Haha, so anyway, what better time than to have some Bak Kut Teh right? Something warm and soothing could just be the thing to cheer me up, or so I think...I remembered another fren highly recommending this place a while back, so off I went with my fren to hunt for it.

    Just for the sake of comparison, let's look at what one would expect to have: TADAAAAAA.....



    But this is what mine looks like :((((( after seeing that d shop got singaporean celebrities going to sum more! i wonder if they serve famous ppl nicer than the one I tasted? ME WANNA BE FAMOUS TOO! Den i get free bak kut teh! n get pics taken with just for eating the FOC food! Oya, before that, forgot to intro this shop ah! It's called Ah Hong Bakuteh, nearby Sutera Mall...Maybe it's just me, but I have been unable to find any NEW shops selling GOOD food. Notice those terms rarely comes in a sentence anymore? Add in CHEAP and you are left with not much choices...OK, back to my recently digested dinner and the shop serving it..This is the menu, seems pretty decent for a small shop (Eh, got 3 singaporean artistes been here leh! One is the fat-fat one,acted as MR TAN one leh? two more i recognized from TV but duno the name).

    Here's what we ordered: Chicken Legs with Mushroom (More like peppery chicken legs*choke *choke*) and the mixed bak kut teh (the servings look a bit pathetic hor? :(
    Anyway, the bak kut teh is really really 'light' not just in serving but in taste as well. You'll notice that it has very clear soup, and yet a very "fragrant" smell? But the taste is a lil off, like I'm having ajinomoto soupy? But with meaty schmell added. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a good one either, in fact, it's somewhere pretty low in my list for Bak Kut Teh, no offence!

    SInce, not full, tot wan go around for second round but turn many times liao duno what else to eat. End up went inside Sutera Mall to get some snacks to line my rather empty stomach...Saw rows after rows of cakes while walking past and heard it calling my name so turns out: Yeah, Secret Recipe! A safer bet after all my not-so-happy and satisfied (tummy-wise) experiences lately. PS: Wonders where all the good food in JB gone? Why I always go to the shops blogs are raving about or people recommended and yet turns out what I had wasn't good? Isit me or are most reviews aren't doing real justice to food served? Under-complimenting or overcomplimenting perharps?

    (Nice! or maybe I'm just too eager for some real food?:P)

    (A lil too rich for me)

    Wednesday, 10 November 2010

    Tarot Cafe and MegaMind 3D!

    I have been meaning to go to this cafe after hearing about it from a friend, thinking that they actually supply tarot cards etc for us to play with and all. So today, together with my juniors, we headed here for lunch but for me, it was a disappointing affair. My experience was bad, maybe cos it just happens that the drinks I ordered was not like what that is shown in the menu. In fact, others prolly got what they ordered, EXCEPT me. SIGH. Mega disappointments ok? Very sad one, I was expecting my drinks to be an ice blended or at least with some vanilla ice cream n syrup or sumthink (like what the picture in the menu hinted but sadly, what I got was simply a normal lime juice with 3 grapes thrown in and a fancy name, sheesh). For the rest, most of their drinks turned out OK, I think..:P
    champagne grape milk shake (apparently tasted more like sugus flavour kinda milkshake)
    Iced Lemon Tea
    This one is nice, Banana + Choc = Death (Named according to the Tarot Card)
    My Lousy Drink=The Star yada yada
    The Hermit=Mocha or sumthink?
    Sizzling Portuguese Chicken = Um, let's just say nobody will be ordering this anytime soon
    My Chicken Maryland = Banana's MIA, and it might look normal, but all u get is just chicken skin and a lot of breadings + flour

    Pan-Seared Salmon with Butter = Oths I duno, but this one, I rili dun like lor. The smell that first wafted to my nose when it arrives is that of salted fish or sumtink..:P
    Onion rings = Not bad lor
    This one I duno how it tasted like, but my fren who's having it doesn't look very ecstatic as he swallows everything down..blerk!
    The traditional English Fish n Chips which took like one hour

    All I can say is, the food wasn't much to shout about, the menu is misleading (at least to me, and i rili hate that kind of shop) and service wasn't too good either. Personally, I won't be visiting this shop again anytime soon but if you like the kind of a shop with pretty good ambience, plenty of drinks to choose from, and isn't too expensive, think RM20-25 per person with drinks, then guess you can give this place a try. :P
    Address: Tarot Cafe, No.29 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, JB

    PS: I heard the branch at Taman Molek gives you tarot cards to play while you wait for the food, but I'm not sure ya?:P

    So how else to spend the afternoon after a not-so gratifying lunch? Spend the hot afternoon in the cinema of course! We head over to TGV in Tebrau and since there's not much choices at 4sumtink in the afternoon, we decided to watch MegaMind in 3D! Woots!
    Our tickets = I just noe 3D in TGV is so much more expensive than GSC at RM21 each!
    I think Megamind is a very cute kinda animation. The plot might be a lil predictable (cos it's animation and caters for kids) but it's sweet nevertheless. Megamind is a supervillain who turns the way he is cause of the peer pressure? and society's inability to accept someone who's different from the rest. I mean, isn't that so true at times? Our society, no matter how advanced we get, there is always someone who is not in the crowd, who is ignored, the one black sheep in every class, in every school? There's always the weird one, the weak one...and no matter what they do, everyone else doesn't seem to want to accept them into their group..
    Anyway, with Mr Goody Two Shoes (MetroMan) seemingly dead from one of Megamind and Metroman's usual duel, Megamind got too bored without someone to fight with etc etc so hence, he decided to create Titan (a supposedly new hero to replace MetroMan but turned bad instead)...Along the way, MegaMind fell in love with the reporter he always kidnapped in an attempt to lure MetroMan after him disguised as a normal fella (Bernard). OK, in short : Megamind turned into a good guy and tried saving the city from Titan and earned himself the love he never thought he could have...and the acceptance of the city...It's funny and gets the message across...I LOVE this animation...

    MegaMind is my fave, he might be weird looking with his big head n blue complexion, but we shouldnt judge a book by its cover...and deep inside, it seemed like Megamind has more than what it takes to be a real hero! and he is just sooo sweet

    Yeng leh? :D:D
    one of my fave scenes in the movie!!!! doesn't MegaMind looks so...*sigh* and Roxanne is so pretty too!
    Ok, so these are us cam-whoring in d cinema -.-""""
    Rachel and I
    My juniors!
    Paiseh ah, I'm not good at photo shooting with so many ppl in one shot one..


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