Saturday, 6 November 2010

Our lil furball!

This is the overly-pampered and adorable tzi tsu that is currently residing in my Miri home. He might not officially belong to me, but my sis and i love thinking about him as OURS too! ;) He is a fussy, mischievous furball which could drive your patience to the limits, think Marley but in a smaller package...

His many antics gave us a lot to laugh about even though that is what defined trying to be the alpha of the group n attempting to establish us humans as his followers instead...sigh...we just couldnt resist giving in to him making him more incorrigible than ever! His bad habits include stealthily eating his own poop *ewww* and bugging us all the time by pushing his toys into us (again, a sign of him trying to be the alpha of the pack; pack as in our family including him :P). There are so many sites about how there aren't bad dogs, just bad owners, but we aren't bad, just not firm enough with him.

Anyway, we love him all the same. And jie jie will be a stricter jie jie the next time she sees u ok? Be good and lotsa hugz!

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