Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Haziness of a Lazy Saturday Afternoon

My finals are officially beginning next Monday, and yet, with two more days to go, i'm still happily sipping my cup of promo creme brulee frappucino at starbucks, taman universiti while onlining and chatting with a bunch of frens...sigh*Note: this is not my cup, i took a pic then realised the netbook im using doesnt have bluetooth, so im using someone's pic from the net (A----blog sumtink,din rmbr)-from google search

It's not that I do not wanna do well or anything, just that it's been a tiring n hectic past week, despite it being the study week, i spent most of it with the exception of a few hours for sleeping, eating and bathing, doing my massive load of projects and assignments...and I wouldnt have minded them all but most of them are something i'm not familiar with and i spent most of the time flailing around looking up tons of books and websites for the necessary information...for those i couldnt find, all i could do was to figure or guess wut is needed and put it in..all in all, it's depressing and not very healthy for my self esteem..

there is a simple explanation on why this situation arise. first of all, to anyone out there who is considering changing their major when doing masters, please refrain from doing so..
i used to take geomatic engineering in my undergraduate studies, then for my masters, thinking that it is ok since im gonna be doing a taught course, i dcided to bravely switch to civil engineering along with a couple of frens...since i have a fren who has changed from a pysics major to mechanical-material engineering with no problems...

unknown to us,taught course in civil involved a lot of formulas and calculations taught in undergraduate years, sumtink that material engineering can do without...therefore, while there is no problem for my fren, there are lots of problems for us..sighhh

however, since a decision has already been made, there isnt much else to do but to suck it up and brace it out! so wish me lotsa luck ppl!

i was about to study in my room for the rest of this afternoon when the hazy condition of the hostel forced me to get to sumwhere with aircon and filter the air so i can have fresh air instead..
hence, the starbucks...but i ended up spending so much time on9 once i m here so it kinda defeats my initial purpose here=to study..blerk

Isn't it hazy? And it's already counted as better den earlier :S

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