Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ah Hong Bakuteh

It was such a cold evening, with the sun nowhere in sight even though it is just around 5pm. I have been starving myself since morning, all for last minute cramming in the name of academics achievements (yea right). Haha, so anyway, what better time than to have some Bak Kut Teh right? Something warm and soothing could just be the thing to cheer me up, or so I think...I remembered another fren highly recommending this place a while back, so off I went with my fren to hunt for it.

Just for the sake of comparison, let's look at what one would expect to have: TADAAAAAA.....



But this is what mine looks like :((((( after seeing that d shop got singaporean celebrities going to sum more! i wonder if they serve famous ppl nicer than the one I tasted? ME WANNA BE FAMOUS TOO! Den i get free bak kut teh! n get pics taken with just for eating the FOC food! Oya, before that, forgot to intro this shop ah! It's called Ah Hong Bakuteh, nearby Sutera Mall...Maybe it's just me, but I have been unable to find any NEW shops selling GOOD food. Notice those terms rarely comes in a sentence anymore? Add in CHEAP and you are left with not much choices...OK, back to my recently digested dinner and the shop serving it..This is the menu, seems pretty decent for a small shop (Eh, got 3 singaporean artistes been here leh! One is the fat-fat one,acted as MR TAN one leh? two more i recognized from TV but duno the name).

Here's what we ordered: Chicken Legs with Mushroom (More like peppery chicken legs*choke *choke*) and the mixed bak kut teh (the servings look a bit pathetic hor? :(
Anyway, the bak kut teh is really really 'light' not just in serving but in taste as well. You'll notice that it has very clear soup, and yet a very "fragrant" smell? But the taste is a lil off, like I'm having ajinomoto soupy? But with meaty schmell added. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a good one either, in fact, it's somewhere pretty low in my list for Bak Kut Teh, no offence!

SInce, not full, tot wan go around for second round but turn many times liao duno what else to eat. End up went inside Sutera Mall to get some snacks to line my rather empty stomach...Saw rows after rows of cakes while walking past and heard it calling my name so turns out: Yeah, Secret Recipe! A safer bet after all my not-so-happy and satisfied (tummy-wise) experiences lately. PS: Wonders where all the good food in JB gone? Why I always go to the shops blogs are raving about or people recommended and yet turns out what I had wasn't good? Isit me or are most reviews aren't doing real justice to food served? Under-complimenting or overcomplimenting perharps?

(Nice! or maybe I'm just too eager for some real food?:P)

(A lil too rich for me)

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