Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tarot Cafe and MegaMind 3D!

I have been meaning to go to this cafe after hearing about it from a friend, thinking that they actually supply tarot cards etc for us to play with and all. So today, together with my juniors, we headed here for lunch but for me, it was a disappointing affair. My experience was bad, maybe cos it just happens that the drinks I ordered was not like what that is shown in the menu. In fact, others prolly got what they ordered, EXCEPT me. SIGH. Mega disappointments ok? Very sad one, I was expecting my drinks to be an ice blended or at least with some vanilla ice cream n syrup or sumthink (like what the picture in the menu hinted but sadly, what I got was simply a normal lime juice with 3 grapes thrown in and a fancy name, sheesh). For the rest, most of their drinks turned out OK, I think..:P
champagne grape milk shake (apparently tasted more like sugus flavour kinda milkshake)
Iced Lemon Tea
This one is nice, Banana + Choc = Death (Named according to the Tarot Card)
My Lousy Drink=The Star yada yada
The Hermit=Mocha or sumthink?
Sizzling Portuguese Chicken = Um, let's just say nobody will be ordering this anytime soon
My Chicken Maryland = Banana's MIA, and it might look normal, but all u get is just chicken skin and a lot of breadings + flour

Pan-Seared Salmon with Butter = Oths I duno, but this one, I rili dun like lor. The smell that first wafted to my nose when it arrives is that of salted fish or sumtink..:P
Onion rings = Not bad lor
This one I duno how it tasted like, but my fren who's having it doesn't look very ecstatic as he swallows everything down..blerk!
The traditional English Fish n Chips which took like one hour

All I can say is, the food wasn't much to shout about, the menu is misleading (at least to me, and i rili hate that kind of shop) and service wasn't too good either. Personally, I won't be visiting this shop again anytime soon but if you like the kind of a shop with pretty good ambience, plenty of drinks to choose from, and isn't too expensive, think RM20-25 per person with drinks, then guess you can give this place a try. :P
Address: Tarot Cafe, No.29 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, JB

PS: I heard the branch at Taman Molek gives you tarot cards to play while you wait for the food, but I'm not sure ya?:P

So how else to spend the afternoon after a not-so gratifying lunch? Spend the hot afternoon in the cinema of course! We head over to TGV in Tebrau and since there's not much choices at 4sumtink in the afternoon, we decided to watch MegaMind in 3D! Woots!
Our tickets = I just noe 3D in TGV is so much more expensive than GSC at RM21 each!
I think Megamind is a very cute kinda animation. The plot might be a lil predictable (cos it's animation and caters for kids) but it's sweet nevertheless. Megamind is a supervillain who turns the way he is cause of the peer pressure? and society's inability to accept someone who's different from the rest. I mean, isn't that so true at times? Our society, no matter how advanced we get, there is always someone who is not in the crowd, who is ignored, the one black sheep in every class, in every school? There's always the weird one, the weak one...and no matter what they do, everyone else doesn't seem to want to accept them into their group..
Anyway, with Mr Goody Two Shoes (MetroMan) seemingly dead from one of Megamind and Metroman's usual duel, Megamind got too bored without someone to fight with etc etc so hence, he decided to create Titan (a supposedly new hero to replace MetroMan but turned bad instead)...Along the way, MegaMind fell in love with the reporter he always kidnapped in an attempt to lure MetroMan after him disguised as a normal fella (Bernard). OK, in short : Megamind turned into a good guy and tried saving the city from Titan and earned himself the love he never thought he could have...and the acceptance of the city...It's funny and gets the message across...I LOVE this animation...

MegaMind is my fave, he might be weird looking with his big head n blue complexion, but we shouldnt judge a book by its cover...and deep inside, it seemed like Megamind has more than what it takes to be a real hero! and he is just sooo sweet

Yeng leh? :D:D
one of my fave scenes in the movie!!!! doesn't MegaMind looks so...*sigh* and Roxanne is so pretty too!
Ok, so these are us cam-whoring in d cinema -.-""""
Rachel and I
My juniors!
Paiseh ah, I'm not good at photo shooting with so many ppl in one shot one..


  1. Wow, so expensive! I watch normal one at rm7 only :p

  2. wow..21 bucks for 3D. gotta put Megamind in my movie list :D

  3. Hilda Milda™: yala...burning my thinning wallet as it is..sigh..we tot 3D oso 15 liddat ni, den the bill came we were like @@

    Chuen: haha, it's a good watch :)))



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