Tuesday, 9 November 2010

If I Had Rapunzel's Hair

Rapunzel has been a favourite fairy tale of mine when I was younger. With this Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale, it has certainly given a new twist to the original plot. It lets one get to thinking, what IF I HAD RAPUNZEL'S HAIR? There's certainly plenty that can be done with 70 feet of magical golden hair. For one, I can just stay in the exact same position (yea, well, I'm a lazy brat) and let my hair do the talking, or rather, the moving~ Imagine getting food from the kitchen, drinks, books, and even changing the channels on TV when the remote control isn't in your hands...Remember those arguments about whose turn is it to get the door? or the remote? or anything at all? This will definitely be one of those times when a 70-feet-magical-hair has its advantages. NO MORE ARGUMENTS PPL!!!  yay! Heck, who needs to pay for automatic lights when you have magical hair to do everything at your command, minus the extra fees?:P Having these magical hair would probably means there's no need for a maid in the house either :D :D This means Money Saved!

And it isn't a bad idea at all having hair that can do all the dirty heavy works for u. Fighting villains like what Rapunzel did in the animation? Well, maybe not to that extent but having hair that can protect one from the outside world "bad guys" like thieves could be a great thing when you are out alone or simply being alone in the house. Now, I am reminded of Home Alone kinda thing. wahahahha. Imagine, having your hair whipping out some kick-ass moves when some petty thieves made off with your handbag. Oh yeah! That will show them, eh?

Come to think of it, I'll even get a 24-hour natural blanket or scarf with that amount of hair. Imagine no more jackets necessary when you go out, and no need for blankets in the night when it's cold....Though with that long of a hair, maybe I'll have to come up with some kinda ways to keep it out of way, when I'm not needing any of its magical uses.. ;) a hair turban maybe?XD

With that, maybe instead of having hair like this:(best possible hair day already, what can I say? I don't have a very obedient hair? They like having their own way especially when I wanna take their photo XD)

I'll have something like this:

70 feet of golden straight hair?
Or maybe this?:

70 feet of curly magical hair

Blerk, personally, maybe blonde isn't really my thing, how about having a 70 feet of magical dark hair? ><



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