Monday, 31 October 2011


Neroteca is tucked away in a lil corner in Somerset, and stacked from wall to wall with lots of wine. Even the lights are done so they exude a vintage feel. The fact that this place is a non-halal Italian shop actually appeals to me more! ;P Oh, and there's a convenient place to park just opposite tho the rate is rather high for a dinner IMO. RM10 per entry? Sheesh...

We are served with some good old sourdough? and some other bread slices before our dishes come. We helped ourselves to the extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar with them :P
Bear doesn't really like the bread or the vinegar, but I do...(He prefers the one in Gianni's JB)

Anyway, we ordered the special for the nite for appetizer. A gigantic plate of cold cuts with a generous dollop of mozzarella cheese in the middle. There are like 5 or 6 types of cold cuts given. And it's heavenly! Unfortunately, heavenly comes with a price and that's RM88++ for this dish itself. :S

And our main course of the day is the grilled agliata (mixed grill) for 2 coming up to RM120++ or something like dat...We don't really like the sauce that comes with it (a new attempt according to the host) but after we asked, one of the waiter gave us a weird looking green sauce which we found out later to be the capsicum sauce (to go with salads etc) that the host of the restaurant claims to be a mistake by his staff and apologize for it. Oh well. Just not our kind of thing (the main dish). We would give this place another visit to see if the other stuff on the menu is good...Otherwise, that would be our last second visit. Heh..

Book/Reserve in advance. They turn you away if you don't have any reservations...:X

Restaurant address:

Ground Floor, The Somerset,
8 Lorong Ceylon,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-20700530
Fax: 03-20702530

Opening hours:

11.30am to 11.30pm (Daily)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

An adventure I would like to go with my pet!

Q: Blog about an adventure you would like to go on with your pet!
Travelling around the world in 80 days with my Summy! (He's a very adorable brown and white tzi tsu who loves his meat, in case u're wondering ;P). Travelling around the world has been one of my earliest childhood dreams and getting to do it with Summy would be the greatest adventure ever! And doing it in 80 days would be a bonus. I've always wanted to see how Phileas Frogg (the hero from the book with the same namesake) do it.

I would even consider using the same route Frogg used, so then I can always have my Summy with me! I can just imagine from Malaysia 

to London
where we'll first peep at the famous Big Ben, which London is famous for...

and maybe even drop by Buckingham Palace since my royal-ish Summyboi (at least that's what tsi tsu are characterised as in one of the pet shop in KL) and yours truly deserve to be royally wowed there ;P

and while we're at it, maybe we might even see the changing of guards ceremony there! My brave Summyboi would definitely be tempted to woof at these serious looking fellas! Don't you think so too? :D

to Suez but maybe in this case, I'll change the destination straight to nearby El-Giza so I can be nearby the Giza Plateau...

and satisfy one of my many must-visit spot! EGYPT'S PYRAMIDS!

the mummies... the pharaohs...

the legends.... the history of the place is simply magnificent!Who never heard of Cleopatra? of King Tut? But come to think of it, my Summy might not like Egypt so much...Ghost/Horror flicks or even dark-theme movies are never much of his thing. Hahaha!

to Bombay aka Mumbai!the city which is ever bustling from the sheer activity!

the home of Bollywood! Oh yeah! Maybe for Summyboi and I! ANDDDD......
also the home of the Movie: Slumdog Millionaire! (But that's it! We're prolly gonna rush around taking in all the sights!)

to Calcutta
the so-said cultural capital of India. So maybe a trip to the temple is in order? ;P or maybe the museum? "SNIFF SUMMYBOI SNIFF!". Lots of interesting smells for my Summyboi like the sights for me!

to Hong Kong  shopping anyone? The city that never sleeps! (A bit of a bad news for Summy though! hehe)

to Yokohama

to San FranciscoSuddenly the song "San Francisco" comes to mind...

If you're going to San Francisco, 
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to San Francisco

Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair

Summy: Woof Woof WOOOOOFFFFF, woof woof wowooofff! (sings along)

to New York

Lady Liberty! Summyboi and I would LOVE a pic! Don't we Summy boi? :D

and den back to HOME SWEET HOME!

Malaysia Boleh  :P


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Arthur's Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake, Sungai Wang Plaza

One of the mille crepe cakeshop available in KL. The ones most are familiar with is probably from Nadeje, Malacca. It does beat travelling to Malacca just for the cakes  especially the ones here cost just RM7.90. However, with just ONE piece, it is hard to make very fair judgement of the tastes of all the cakes available. The one I had, was OK I guess but I still prefer the one in Nadeje, but I'm not sure whether I'm being bias or not especially since I had this piece while I'm full. I like the chocolate bits on top but the chocolate sauce is...a lil off for me..

Arthur's Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake
Lot TC 030, 3rd floor. Sungei Wang Plaza Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur 55100.

Contact: 016 981 6882

Kajang Satay Ngok Lan@Restoran Malaysia

This is the first time I have been to this satay place in Kajang. The only satay place I know in Kajang before this is Haji Samuri Satay. However, I did not really like the Haji Samuri's the last time I went, especially their beef satay which is very very tough unlike this Ngok Lan place (will be elaborated later). First off, we started off with sugarcane juice. The ones here are very nyum and refreshingly good too! And it's pretty cheap around RM1 something. :)
Sugarcane Juice
The peanut sauce here is OK but I would say the one in Haji Samuri is still better in terms of the sauce. The ketupat IMO is also average.
Peanut sauce and one ketupat for moi~
The real star of this place is the SATAY! Definitely! The beef and chicken satay are succulent and soft. A definition of savoury comes to mind as we were chewing on the satay. They are all lean soft meat, a big contrast with satay purchased elsewhere. The other satay flavours available would be the duck satay and lamb satay. Haji Samuri have a lot more choices in terms of meat flavours but overall, I think the ones in Haji Samuri is very tough except their chicken satay but the ones here are all soft. However, my bf thinks the one in Haji Samuri is nicer (cause theirs is the conventional satay flavour with the lack of flour-ry tenderness the ones in Ngok Lan has). PS: the food in Ngok Lan is Halal and no pork is served. For those who do not want to have Satay, there are Western Food and fried noodles, rice etc available too.
Beef and Chicken Satay

pizza milano, one utama

Seafood Aglio Oglio

Beef Lasagna
The above are among the few stuff we ordered at Pizza Milano. The price in this outlet is definitely very cheap and you get excellent service i.e. speedy service (faster than McD) @@. The food are mostly delicious except for the aglio oglio which is a bit bland for my taste. The lasagna comes with a small dollop of soup and plenty of extra meaty sauce. It is very good for the price (under RM10) I think. We ordered a pizza as well. I forgot the name but it came with pepperoni and small bits of meat which is pretty good as well at a very reasonable price. The total of the bill came up to under RM40 for two which is a very good price IMO especially in KL.

Would definitely come back to Pizza Milano especially the one in One Utama for 2nd visit even with the not-so-nice Aglio Oglio. :P


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