Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Delivery Man Review

This comedy has been on my to-watch list for a while now since I saw the contest for the free screening a while back. But I didn't join as I was too lazy and also out of ideas for the contest so here's to watching it out of my own pocket, or rather his (thanks baby!).

I LOVE this movie! It's hilarious and takes our mind off the stresses at work and life for a short 1plus hour. A family feel good movie for sure. 

It circles around this guy Peter who basically does weird things in life and gets by (just barely) in everything. He found out that his sperm donation gave him 533 kids with one more on the way and now all of them wanna know their real father. With all the hoo-hah going on, his gf is pregnant and he has to figure a way to show her he's ready to be a father and to be the father he's never been to not one but all 533 of his kids. 

Add the media to the fray and you've got the mastubator! (A nick coined for him). All the same it is very sweet that for all that name-calling and seemingly irresponsible donations, he just did it to buy his whole family and his dying mum a trip to Italy...

A good movie to watch and get ready those popcorn! (Provided you eat them with ur mouth closed :P)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Best Tauhua in KL

Tauhua, one of my fave Chinese dessert!

According to definition in Wikipedia Douhua (Chinese: 豆花, dòuhuā) or doufuhua (Chinese: 豆腐花, dòufuhuā) is a Chinese dessert made with very soft tofu. It is also referred to as tofu pudding and soybean pudding.

With the impending increase in everything  across the country from electricity bills to personal taxes, one of the best kept secret cheap eats would probably be this stall selling tauhua in KL. For as cheap as RM1, you get a full bowl of delicious tofu pudding served with exactly one tiny tin ladle of syrup (either brown one-from red sugar or white one). I personally prefer the brown one. The soya bean milk here is also excellent and available for the same price: RM1!

The directions to this place is probably vague but I will try my best.

Point A is Neroteca, a quite famous Italian restaurant in KL and the tauhua stall is at the small lane perpendicular to it (the first one).

If you can't find it, just look out for the uncle as shown below:

This is not my best shot but it is kind of hard to focus with the amount of people bustling around. Haha

The tauhua is deliciously soft and silky, better than most franchise place in malls.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Person that I'm most grateful of in life

The one person that I thought of first is my mother. Without her, I wouldn't be who I am today. She gave me life, brought me up and taught me when I was small. She cooked and cared for me without asking for anything in return. She comforted me when I cried and was bullied in school, and she patched me up when I fell. The amounts of things she has done for me throughout my life cannot be summed up simply by words alone. Although this is a blogpost done with regards to the Digizens Thank You Sale Contest with prizes like smartphone and tablet up for grabs in their year end sale, this is a perfect opportunity to talk about my gratitude to my very own superwoman! There is nobody else in the world like my Mum and even though she has moved on, I believe that she is always looking out for me still in heaven. I love you Mummy!!!

The Digizens Thank You Sale deets are as follows:


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