Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chap Goh Meh

it's so cny's nearly over in a matter of hours...and my weekend went by without me completing anything much academic-wise, except for the additions to my closets..LOL..let's see..there's a new dress and a cardy and...

and i got a brand new light pink wooly blouse...with a lil white's just sooo cute...*swoons* hahaha...right..enough babblings..i rili gotta move my lazy butt off the chair n move on to some sit-ups...sigh...wanna get some pretty coloured contacts too...those shops all doesnt keep stock for those with short-sightedness and coloured dailies, just monthlies.....sigh..

tonite there'll be a small gathering with my coursemates..though i'm still wondering where the heck is the steamboat restaurant in taman only one i noe is prolly johnny's in jusco..hahaha..i'll just have to wait n c..:D

round the world in jb~

the whole thing started with my cravings for tauhua (beancurd dessert) at Beans' Talk in Tun there i was trying to go there and before i knew it, i took a wrong turn right at Taman Universiti despite going there before..den gotta make a really big U-Turn before i'm finally on my way to that shop..den there's a jam along the way where i made another wrong turn and ended up making another U-Turn before i finally reached my 1st up, my friend n i decided not to go back and go shopping at 1st we decided to go to City Square, but then my friend suggested Danga City Mall since she has nvr been there but then along the way, i remembered we'll be passing by Holiday Plaza so we ended up there instead since my friend has never been there either..sadly, before we actually started that journey, i forgot that once i'm out of the cafe, i will be heading towards my uni from the highway unless i made another U-Turn but i forgot all about that and ended up reaching the junction towards my uni before i finally could make the necessary U-Turn..urghhh...

den on the way back from holiday plaza, i decided to use my own shortcut to go back but sadly, like usual, i got lost and this time, with the "aid" of my friend and my lack of directions, we managed to actually tour all over JB and even managed to visit the Larkin Bus Stop (where we've never been to before), figured there's actually a large stretch of malay eateries sumwhere around there, the stadium of JB, and even making a trip to pasir gudang..How's that for a ride?LOL
Finally we saw Angsana and turn to the highway but then, we had to drive all the way to sumwhere near Danga Bay for the U-turn so we figured, what the heck? might as well park the car and go down for a stroll..wahahahha

in conclusion, never talk and drive,...and do not take advices from a cute blurr friend, and finally, get a gps if u're a scatter-brain like me..blerk!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Taiwan trip

I am really really excited about going to Taiwan this May..hahaha..hopefully there's lotsa stuffs to buy n lotsa stuffs to eat...nyum nyum nyummmmm

will blog abt it when i'm back...(hopefully) :DDDD

Friday, 26 February 2010

whole day just shopping

I'm back from a full day of shopping...hahaha...since i dun feel like doing any of my piles of homework, i decided to go shopping instead...make full use of my idle time..:D
stopping at el migos 1st for a really late lunch...den moving on to the shops! i was pretty irritated by the service of the salesgirls in dorothy perkins though...those cheap clothes from uk costs so much here in msia..i'm blaming it on the exchange rates..sheesh...anyway, those girls actually asked me to take out d hangers n passing it to dem instead of picking dem up from d shelves's their job for godsake...anyway..i liked a cute blouse with d fake ribbon bt den saw one of them wearing it..sheesh...i m definitely not going to buy something and end up being mistaken as one of the salesperson..dun rili uds y some shops like having their employees wear their line of clothing instead of getting dem regular uniforms..urgh..den after like hours of browsing around..finally got myself a cardy and a my toner..since mine's nearly dry already...den it's grocery shopping plus a long long sit at one of the cafe cos of my frens told me there's no elect so i tot of sitting there in hope the electricity would be up n running by the time i reached my hostel..turns out my hostel wasnt even affected

good morning :)


it's a public holiday today not that it made any difference to me since i don't have classes anyway on fridays...woke up pretty early just to become ppl's FOC driver because apparently, there's no buses on holidays and guess nobody feels like calling taxi instead of me...and honestly, felt pretty cranky when i woke...despite sharing my plans to sleep in, hence the reason i don't wanna join their plans in the first place, nobody cares about MY plan...since i'm already up, might as well get a start in my piles of homework...*sigh*

Thursday, 25 February 2010

UTM's guards are getting smarter

Yupe, they're definitely smarter now...took them nearly 4 years but ah well...they actually stood waiting for us students in the pathways now instead of at the smaller bus-stops around the faculty area..LOL..usually we can easily escape from their sight using those pathways cause only students who uses the bus from the "inner ring" of the campus will stop there...those staying on the outskirts of the campus or even those driving their own transports used to be free! (summon-wise..LOL)

and it's a good thing i've always worn my tag with me..sigh..just like a puppy-dog...and i'm manicure n pedicure-free! and best of all, i wasn't wearing a skirt today! LOL...cause by the time i saw them, if i've committed any of the above...prolly would be dealt with a wonder UTM's getting richer n richer..LOL

after about an hour of's back to my room sweet room...yippie..
it's a gud thing the lecturer started the class 30 mins late...then another 20 minutes trying to set-up an older version projector. why? the classroom projector on the ceiling was spoilt, and another student ordered to get the older type...and from here, it's pretty ironic why the uni's called Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (translation: Malaysia's University of Technology)..oh well...that's good too since i was too busy day-dreaming by 2nd half hour of the lecture...*yawns*

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

no aerobics till march! *sigh*

OMG, classes were cancelled until march..good thing i was smart n called to check before heading straight it's like jogging for me until then


my sickly car=CURED! finally waiting for the mechanic to come n change my car battery..hopefully he's going to take care of my problem once n for all..den maybe i can even drop by the centre for some aerobics session tonight...*grins* guess my day wasn't that bad after all..even with d lil episode with my supervisor..hahahah..he kept using my water bottle as an example in his explanations on the receiver n master my poor bottle suffered through a sequence of tap-dancing on the table..blerkk

======2 hours later======(yeah..i was typing halfway when the mechanic arrived)

guess what? nothing's wrong with my car...just the wire got loose n dats y it couldn't*embarassed* according to the mechanic...someone loosen it on purpose...(flashback)...grr..must be that dodgy workshop guy i sent my car to...which explains why my car owes seemed to have probs starting up at times...grrr...ah well, i find this new workshop really really nice...instead of letting me replace everything..the mechanic told me not to replace any...LOL...even when i ask should he check this n that for me, he says nvm cause they are fine(wow..not even bothering to earn those extra money)..hahahha...he's very kind and even double-checked everything for me..FOC! yayyyy...all i had to pay was for the labour charges since he came all the way to my hostel n back with the new battery and there's even a 20percent discount on those

so if anyone's looking for a workshop..i would STRONGLY recommend them:
No 40 & 42, Jalan Pulai 25,
Taman Pulai Utama, 81100 Johor Bahru.
ps: i think the nice mechanic's name is Kumar..

and since my car isn't sick anymore, i'll be going for my aerobics class later tonite! yippie!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

holiday holiday!

i really really feels like just taking some time off n going for a vacation...i have been planning to do just dat ever since a few years back bt there never seems to be any time...i mean, i noe time can be organized n plan but sumtimes, it's hard to coordinate our time with a fren...or even my own's like everytime i'm free, she's busy or vice-versa..grrr...

let's see...there's a few places i really feel like going...just a quick check off my head..
1) hongkong...wanna go to the disneyland..then shop around n eat! maybe a quick stop at macau or sumthink?hmm..need to do more research on this..
2) aussie...well, was gonna go for real hopefully this coming sis would wanna go too but she has to do her internship..grrr...maybe apply for leave?LOL
3) jappy...maybe just to get my mini salamis? haha..
4) taiwan...oh frens were going on n on n on abt the cheap clothes thr...*envious look*
5) arghh..i just wanna go on vacation!!!! but i dun wanna go alone..>< cos den there'll be nobody to take pic for me and it's weird to keep asking random strangers to do so..right right right? blerk...

*wishes really really hard to go on vacation* blerk..

a week after cny break

well, cny break is over! not that i accomplished much during dat one week break plus another extra one week dat i've given myself..sigh..i really should avoid procrastinating so much..but guess that's just me! it's back to school and i really do regretted slacking so much during the break..but it's i deserve that break...right right right? suddenly it's all coming all at once..assignments to be handed in like in a few days or by next week or sumtink...den there's the fieldwork for d DEM, compiling the project that i couldnt seem to finish, come up with a presentation for my "beloved" supervisor, another technical paper to be submitted to him before finalising it and most importantly, my theses...and amidst this stupid car broke down..wondering why it always seemed to bring me more probs than convenience me instead..sigh..and it's always when i'm busiest...1st, i got my tyre busted...hmm..dats prolly due to my own recklessness but don't blaming it on my car anyway..blerk...den it's the batt...sigh..

even while blogging i can feel the lists of my to-do-list getting longer n longer by the minute..and that's not even counting doing the extra homeworks from a certain subject..sigh...i really do sounded like a appreciate the effort that particular lecturer in trying to help us understand more abt the subj n i would love having those homework if only i'm not already drowning like up to my neck in my works...sigh

the only good thing that seemed to have occured this week would prolly be the time i got back my test paper..hahaha...for once in life...the lack of studying n revising din affect my test result..n it was actually one of the highest i ever got throughout my university life..*happy*...i noe...i noe..msian look highly on humility but heck...i dun care! it made me hapi n so wut if i'm a braggart?LOL..

i was planning to start on my works this evening but i really am pretty tired especially walking around during the field work even though it wasnt a very strenous activity..prolly the heat n the late nights during the past month getting to resolve #1: sleep earlier! (before 1am)...n sometimes it's so weird...i was really gonna do my work once i start up my computer but it seems like i couldnt stop myself from checking facebook n once i do, it's hours n hours before i realised how d time has passed...tsk tsk,...

oh wow...i really do have so much to type about today..hahaha..guess it beats doing my real work...urghhh


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