Thursday, 25 February 2010

UTM's guards are getting smarter

Yupe, they're definitely smarter now...took them nearly 4 years but ah well...they actually stood waiting for us students in the pathways now instead of at the smaller bus-stops around the faculty area..LOL..usually we can easily escape from their sight using those pathways cause only students who uses the bus from the "inner ring" of the campus will stop there...those staying on the outskirts of the campus or even those driving their own transports used to be free! (summon-wise..LOL)

and it's a good thing i've always worn my tag with me..sigh..just like a puppy-dog...and i'm manicure n pedicure-free! and best of all, i wasn't wearing a skirt today! LOL...cause by the time i saw them, if i've committed any of the above...prolly would be dealt with a wonder UTM's getting richer n richer..LOL

after about an hour of's back to my room sweet room...yippie..
it's a gud thing the lecturer started the class 30 mins late...then another 20 minutes trying to set-up an older version projector. why? the classroom projector on the ceiling was spoilt, and another student ordered to get the older type...and from here, it's pretty ironic why the uni's called Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (translation: Malaysia's University of Technology)..oh well...that's good too since i was too busy day-dreaming by 2nd half hour of the lecture...*yawns*

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