Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chap Goh Meh

it's so cny's nearly over in a matter of hours...and my weekend went by without me completing anything much academic-wise, except for the additions to my closets..LOL..let's see..there's a new dress and a cardy and...

and i got a brand new light pink wooly blouse...with a lil white's just sooo cute...*swoons* hahaha...right..enough babblings..i rili gotta move my lazy butt off the chair n move on to some sit-ups...sigh...wanna get some pretty coloured contacts too...those shops all doesnt keep stock for those with short-sightedness and coloured dailies, just monthlies.....sigh..

tonite there'll be a small gathering with my coursemates..though i'm still wondering where the heck is the steamboat restaurant in taman only one i noe is prolly johnny's in jusco..hahaha..i'll just have to wait n c..:D

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