Friday, 26 February 2010

whole day just shopping

I'm back from a full day of shopping...hahaha...since i dun feel like doing any of my piles of homework, i decided to go shopping instead...make full use of my idle time..:D
stopping at el migos 1st for a really late lunch...den moving on to the shops! i was pretty irritated by the service of the salesgirls in dorothy perkins though...those cheap clothes from uk costs so much here in msia..i'm blaming it on the exchange rates..sheesh...anyway, those girls actually asked me to take out d hangers n passing it to dem instead of picking dem up from d shelves's their job for godsake...anyway..i liked a cute blouse with d fake ribbon bt den saw one of them wearing it..sheesh...i m definitely not going to buy something and end up being mistaken as one of the salesperson..dun rili uds y some shops like having their employees wear their line of clothing instead of getting dem regular uniforms..urgh..den after like hours of browsing around..finally got myself a cardy and a my toner..since mine's nearly dry already...den it's grocery shopping plus a long long sit at one of the cafe cos of my frens told me there's no elect so i tot of sitting there in hope the electricity would be up n running by the time i reached my hostel..turns out my hostel wasnt even affected

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