Tuesday, 23 February 2010

a week after cny break

well, cny break is over! not that i accomplished much during dat one week break plus another extra one week dat i've given myself..sigh..i really should avoid procrastinating so much..but guess that's just me! grr..now it's back to school and i really do regretted slacking so much during the break..but it's CNY..so i deserve that break...right right right? suddenly it's all coming all at once..assignments to be handed in like in a few days or by next week or sumtink...den there's the fieldwork for d DEM, compiling the project that i couldnt seem to finish, come up with a presentation for my "beloved" supervisor, another technical paper to be submitted to him before finalising it and most importantly, my theses...and amidst this all...my stupid car broke down..wondering why it always seemed to bring me more probs than convenience me instead..sigh..and it's always when i'm busiest...1st, i got my tyre busted...hmm..dats prolly due to my own recklessness but don't care..im blaming it on my car anyway..blerk...den it's the batt...sigh..

even while blogging i can feel the lists of my to-do-list getting longer n longer by the minute..and that's not even counting doing the extra homeworks from a certain subject..sigh...i really do sounded like a brat..lol..i appreciate the effort that particular lecturer in trying to help us understand more abt the subj n i would love having those homework if only i'm not already drowning like up to my neck in my works...sigh

the only good thing that seemed to have occured this week would prolly be the time i got back my test paper..hahaha...for once in life...the lack of studying n revising din affect my test result..n it was actually one of the highest i ever got throughout my university life..*happy*...i noe...i noe..msian look highly on humility but heck...i dun care! it made me hapi n so wut if i'm a braggart?LOL..

i was planning to start on my works this evening but i really am pretty tired especially walking around during the field work even though it wasnt a very strenous activity..prolly the heat n the late nights during the past month getting to me..so resolve #1: sleep earlier! (before 1am)...n sometimes it's so weird...i was really gonna do my work once i start up my computer but it seems like i couldnt stop myself from checking facebook n once i do, it's hours n hours before i realised how d time has passed...tsk tsk,...

oh wow...i really do have so much to type about today..hahaha..guess it beats doing my real work...urghhh

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