Sunday, 28 June 2009

Lavendar, Senai Airport

Oh, this was taken before I went back to Miri last end of the sem hols but I am already back so the photos were several months old already by the time I posted these up...the spaghetti bolognaise was very small portion so since I wasn't full enough, I ordered my fave-SCONES! but it's a lil disappointing cos they served their scones with marmalade and I'm not a fan of that so...

CGS Vegetarian Cafe

During my last trip to Miri, I really had a lot of vegetarian vegetarian food here are not so oily, then it would have been healthy...anyway, I had the fried vermecelli on the recommendation of a friend and well, it was a very big plate's filling I guess...pretty ok i think

and i had a chocolate milk tea

Divine Crust Miri

Since cafes like this has been sprouting all over Miri, decided to give it a go despite my dad telling me the food thr is not that nice...*regretful face*
My friend ordered this chicken cheese baked you can prolly see, the cheese is barely there so...*blerk* no more comment should be necessary I the chicken is a lil...dryyy
My choconana (chocolate ice cream + banana)...hehe...pretty okay can't possibly go wrong with these two mix right?
A big no-no...the tiramisu cheesecake (more like tiramisu sponge cake)...actually i don't mind tiramisu using sponge cake as the base but they put out the display card as "tiramisu CHEESECAKE" and instead I got a pretty average sponge cake with some cream slather over it...

Snacks of the day~~~

As I don't have anything better to do, which is the norm for me these few weeks...I spent my morning pigging away on these of my personal fave...Tao Kae Noi...the original flavour and a bottle of green tea (forest fruits flavour - it's one of the new blend of green tea i found lying in the supermarket and decided to give it a go...tasted just like ribena with a lil tea-ish aftertaste....hahhahah...but I'll prolly buy a second bottle the next time)...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Siamese Secret, Miri

After a while of keeping to myself, finally went out again with some friends and to this shop tucked somewhere behind Miri Hotel...never been here before but some of my friends seemed to have a pretty good impression of this shop so there we were...haha
I ordered the mango juice, the waitress told me the fruit juices are all freshly squeezed ones so...
Anyway, I'm not sure whether it's me but the mango juice tasted pretty much like the fruit extracts kind of syrup or sumtink...
Since we're there, we decided to share a pizza among us and the choice of the day-hawaiian chicken...for me, it's pretty average...but the crust isn't very thick so it's good...but as for the ingredients used on comment...LOL

Thursday, 25 June 2009


a bottle of those pre-packed carbonara sauce...use about 10tbsp
chicken/beef meatball (washed and defrosted)
a tsp of dried oregano
a pinch of salt
half a big onion
some pasta ( i used macaroni in this case)

1) Like usual, heat up the oil...put in the onion (diced or ringed...) and start frying until brown..
2) Add in the meatballs and fry them until brown
3) Put in the sauce plus the oregano and salt...
4) Stir fried over medium or low heat and remove
5) For the pasta=just boil them up according to the type of pasta used with a lil virgin olive oil and a tsp of salt

Note: serves two

Little Star Cafe or sumtink...sumwhr near 2020 area, Miri

The Herbal Bak Kut Teh..lotsa meat but not rili to my liking anymore...
Herbal eggs...tasted a lil weird though...
The milk shake and chocolate milk tea are the same with the difference of the shaved ice and ice cubes...hmm...isnt milk shake supposed to have ice cream?and milk???zzzzz

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day at Marriot

For Father's Day, we went to Marriot to celebrate...honestly, I think the variety is pretty lacking but I guess that is to be expected since it's Miri and well, for around RM80 per is OK...the dessert spread is better than most hotels in Miri but the other dishes are pretty lacking...not to mention the rather tough beef they served...hmm...n each dessert and the appetizer comes in individual servings just like in most big hotels in Peninsular Malaysia so I guess Miri is finally catching up...hahaha

Miri Taiwan Restaurant

It's one of the few Taiwanese restaurants in Miri but it is pretty OK i think...the herbal egg is like usual...not really outstanding or anything but the strawberry tea depicted below is pretty nice with bits of real strawberries inside...NYUMMY!
The kiwi tea on the other heand is a lil scratchy on the throat but drinkable I guess...I will definitely think twice before ordering d same thing again..LOL
The kuo tie (dumplings) are a lil special in the sense that they r served all sticking together like below..
The so-said shop specialties taiwanese sausages (claimed to be self-made) are rather below par
MY FAVE=the cold tofu served there

breakfast at starbucks, Miri

The chicken n mushroom pie...uh...can hardly finish it...blerkkk
The dunno wut chicken dy...i totally hate it..eww...
The bibig cup of the coffee latte...kenot finish so packed it to go instead...a lil bland and the taste of the coffee is a lil lacking...too much milk perhaps?
My usual fave...the classic chocolate but this branch is really a disappointment...even the chocolate tasted bland...hmm...

Friday, 19 June 2009

Shiki Sushi, Miri

Some of the stuffs we ordered during the last visit...honestly...i rili dun like the food here...not up to par...><

Yong Le Kopitiam near Boulevard area

I like the satay here...not accompanied by fatty skins of chicken etc...NYUM!

Dad likes d char kuey tiaw here but I'm not much of a fan lor...
The wantan soup is rili tasteless though...hmm...


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