Friday, 19 June 2009

Taste Better/Tasty Yummy Miri

This is a new snack outlet in front of the Big Apple's in Parkson...
I took away a set of the durian puffs yesterday and they were very delicious...crispy and soft in the inside with a rather watery version of the durian paste...nevertheless, a pretty good attempt I should say as the puff's texture reminded me of the puffs sold in a corner in Prangin and was better than Puff Daddy's but sadly, when I went for the durian puffs again today, I was sorely disappointed as the puffs changed overnight~!!!*outraged* LOL...kidding
Ah well, looks nice anyway. Hope they will change back to the better version of the puffs...RM5.50 for a set (7 puffs)
The cappucino...RM4.30 was a lil too "buttery" for me but my sis claimed it was a very nice cup of cappucino...hmmm...oh well...


  1. d capuucino IS nyummy! =P

  2. ice cream lover26 June 2009 at 05:24

    The Fresh Fruit Ice Cream also very nice.

  3. haha..maybe i'll go there to try that out...

  4. I am really happy that you enjoyed our durian puffs!
    please let us link on our facebook page!



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