Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Gold Coast Itinery Day 3

No breakfast is complete without coffee and so we started our Day 3 in Gold Coast right with three cups of identical coffee. LOL. Breakfast here was good but it's mostly wraps so that's what we had. This place was quite popular and was recommended online and they were really good. Service was brisk and we were done with our coffee and food in less than 30 minutes, making us more than in time for the opening of Movie World (our main attraction for the day). More photos and info HERE.

If you want to give them a try, here's their location:
Lot 1 Coffee
Shop 1, 40 – 42 Hanlan Street, Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217

We took the TX2 bus to Movie World and was there in about 30 minutes. Clumsy me managed to slip on the bus' steps even though I was busily telling my sis to watch out for that. Grr!

Anyway, after a few hours at the park we made our way back to the hotel to freshen up.
Then it's on towards the Beachfront Market which is located along Surfers Paradise Foreshore (North & South of Cavill Mall). The market is actually opened every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night from 5pm to 10pm except during bad weather.

We ended up buying some Macadamian nuts there as it's cheaper than the shops and some herbs/salt shaker. Yay!

For dinner, we went to Pancakes in Paradise. It is located at:

Pancakes in Paradise
Montezuma Surfers Paradise, 8, Trickett Street, Surfers paradise

During our trip, there was a buy one free one promo going on so it was pretty affordable. The ribs were good too. We ordered two mains and one dessert to share and it was really filling.

We went to the convenience store below our hotel for a bottle of our favourite white wine before going up. Nyummik! Perfect way to end the day~

Movie World, Gold Coast - A Review

Another famous amusement park in Gold Coast would probably be Movie World. It is something like Disneyland but instead of all the Disney characters, you get the ones from DC Comic. As we did not play most of the rides, we had a lot of extra time to take photos with all the mascots and do plenty of shopping. Haha.

They had a stunt show which is usually packed, so any hope of getting good seats meant getting there early.
It was my second time so maybe it was not as impressive to me but my sister and her boyfriend loved the show... Haha

Then there's the usual procession where all your fave comic characters would be out to greet everyone in their respective rides. Looney tunes characters are all gonna be there as well..

And here we are with Scoopy and the gang! :D

We posed with nearly everything available..LOL

And then we hit Ben & Jerry for a gigantic milkshake and some ice cream...Sadly, the milkshake got a little too much after half a glass and I felt pretty queasy after that. *sad face*

We moved on to more poses and if I am not mistaken there was a Rio show in 4D? Fun times!

And check out Marilyn Monroe with the famous flying dress pose. LoL. They even made the blower active every few seconds so it's more realistic. Heh.

And we have Tweety, Sylvester and Daffy putting on a cute little show right in the middle of the park too! Adorable~

A summary of the highlights of our day would be:
    4D cinema (RIO)
    All star parade: 3.30pm
    Hollywood Stunt Driver: 11am, 1.50pm
    Meet character (Looney Tune Dance Party 10.45am; Scooby Doo 2.30pm)

It's a very family friendly place and I had fun even though it was already my second time. And there were plenty of great T shirts to buy at relatively reasonable prices. ;)

For more on my day in Gold Coast, do check out my post on Day 3 in Gold Coast

Saturday, 26 September 2015

SkyPoint Observatory Deck, Gold Coast - A Review

Sky Point Observatory Deck is located 230m off the ground on Gold Coast and is worth a visit if you wanted to get a birds' eyes view of the beach and its surrounding areas. You can even do some Tower Climbing but we were not interested and just purchased tickets to visit the observation deck. The general admission for an adult is about AUD24 but there are some discounts online if you purchased them early like us ;) There is a cafe up there but we were just happy to sit around their many couches and enjoy the view. Wifi is also available so you could update your Facebook with the photos taken. A small area is sectioned out for a video which showcased the history of Gold Coast etc if you are interested too.

It is easy to spot this tower from the surrounding area if you want to visit as it is the TALLEST building in Gold Coast but otherwise, here's the address:

SkyPoint (Observation Deck)
Level 77 of the iconic Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Final picture before we leave for our dinner
For more info, check out my Day 2 in Gold Coast and my review on SeaWorld

Sea World, Gold Coast - A Review

One of the many amusement parks in Gold Coast would be Sea World. This reminded me of Hong Kong's Ocean Park ;) so you can expect to see some similarities between these two parks. The only biggest difference for me would be their souvenirs' quality. The ones here are slightly better than Ocean Park's.

We had all the shows lined up and thanks to my sister, we had plans on how to tackle all the shows efficiently. We started with the Fish Detective Sea lion Show (10.15am, 2.30pm) --->Penguin Feeding (10.45am, 3.00pm) ---> Imagine Dolphin Show (11.15am, 3.30pm).

In between, we managed to cover the animal exhibits and plenty of photo taking as well...

There were plenty of walrus and sealions feeding when we were walking pass and sooooo.....more photos!!!

We also managed to watch the farm animal slots where they have sheep shearing, some dog performances and many more.

And last but not least, I got everyone to play Battle Boats with me and we were all drenched by the time we finished. Then we used the "dryer" to blow ourselves dry (some-what). Yayyyy! Hahahah...

We actually went back to the hotel before proceeding with the rest of our plans but for more about our day, do check my full blog post about it HERE

Gold Coast Itinery Day 2

It was another bright sunny day in Gold Coast and we started our morning with some breakfast at Coffee Club, a chain of cafe famous for its all day breakfast. This was one of their very first branch I think and we decided to start our day here:

The Coffee Club
2, Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise

We were not disappointed. I ordered the Honeycomb-Coffee I think...Looks special right? Hahaha but maybe a little early for this because it was pretty sweet and after the first few sips, I would prefer my usual latte. However, it was good, don't get me wrong. Maybe just not the first thing in the morning ;)

Ham & Egg Benedict
Some sort of chicken and mushroom wrap
Bacon & Egg
We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast even though I think we couldn't finish some of them. As it was our first few days, the enormous servings of bacon and ham were very much welcomed. Can't say the same on the last few days. LOL

Once our stomachs were filled, we started off to Sea World. The nearest bus stops were both about 450m away so we followed the route that my sister had already prepared beforehand. The bus was timely and we reached just a little before 930am, in time to join the crowd waiting for the gates to open. Heh. I will continue more about our Sea World trip in another post HERE.

By 4pm, when we were done with Sea World, we caught the bus back and made our way to our next highlight, SkyPoint Observatory which I have detailed HERE. We spent some time there before having our early dinner at a bistro we passed along the way.

The food was good and portions are generous. We ordered all these to share and sadly we couldn't finish everything even though there's three of us. :S This will be the first Italian cafe we went to in Gold Coast. On subsequent posts, I will share a few more Italian shops we tried (Yes, we are fans of Italian food). The service in this joint was also far better than another shop we went to on the next day.

Minestrone Soup
Stuffed Mushrooms
Prawns and pepperoni pizza
Muhsroom risotto

Alfresco on Elston
Shop 2 & 3, 3018 Surfers Paradise Blvd | Corner Hamilton Ave & Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland 4217, Australia
Tel: 07 5538 9333

We were there early so the tables were pretty much empty. However as we were finishing our meals, large groups (all with booking) started to arrive. I think they are pretty busy during normal dinner hours so booking a table would be wise :)

We had a leisurely stroll along the beach before heading back to the hotel. It was a pretty amazing day with delicious meals throughout. :)


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