Thursday, 17 September 2015

Library Coffee Bar, 1 Utama - A Review

During my last trip to 1 Utama, I chanced upon this cool-looking cafe called Library Coffee Bar and their pictures of scrumptious-looking waffles all over the front of their "bar". Since it's already late afternoon and a cup of coffee would be much-welcomed, the BF and I decided to go in and try their coffee plus waffle for me. The drinks came fast enough, mine a cappuccino whilst after some contemplation, my BF went for their special coffee.

I took this off their official page because I forgot to take their shop's pic
I like the fact that there were lots of books and magazines (probably the reason for their name) and I enjoyed (at first) browsing the recipes from one of their magazines, until I realised my waffle (Nutella with bananas) was not there yet and it has been 45 minutes!

The waffle was pretty decent but the wait takes off my enjoyment and the coffee was alright I guess but I would say for the standard coffee that costs around RM10-12 a cup, I would go for other shops with better service even if the coffee was out of this world. 


Oh well, maybe they improved already now so if you are interested, they are located at:
Lot FK3 (New Wing), First Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama.
Tel: +603 7710 0305

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