Friday, 11 September 2015

Empire Hotel, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - A Review

Our trip to HongKong was over their summer and it was a really humid warm place to be. I thought we would be used to the heat by now since we are staying in Malaysia but MAN, that did not prepare me at all for the super hot and high humidity HongKies have to deal with every day during their summer! We stayed at Empire Hotel Causeway Bay, both for the price and convenience. The nearest station is the Tin Hau Station which is about a 7-minute walk away (450m).

The hotel itself was very comfortable and the staff was really accomodating. We requested for a room with view and since the hotel was not packed, the staff actually upgraded our room to a better one and the view was super! I would say this is a 5* service hotel with a 3* price tag but I might be slightly bias seeing that their service was really good during my stay. The facilities were great and I enjoyed my stay there thoroughly. There were also quite a few eateries which are opened really late around the hotel so supper after a long day out was really convenient.

Haha, our 15 minutes at the hotel to drop our bags and quickly freshened up also included quick snaps of the room before setting out again. Talk about being efficient! LOL

The best view ever! We get the skyline of HK from one window and another of the sea from another. The best of both world!

All in all, I would recommend this hotel to anyone who managed to find similar promos in Agoda for this hotel.

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