Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Intern - A Review

The Intern is a great movie about how one can never be too old to change our life for something different. Ben (De Niro) made a statement about how an old gentleman is not yet decrepit when he takes his years of experience and makes himself far more useful than most would give a senior citizen credit for. His relationship with his young successful boss, Jules (Hathaway) became blurry as the intern became a mentor, showing that learning is always an on-going process and nobody is too old or too good to improve.

Even though Jules was hesitant at first about accepting Ben as her personal intern, his wit and intelligence wore down her walls and he became a trusted aide. When the investors of the company wanted her to hire a CEO to oversee managing the company better because the business was thought to be growing too fast and too big to be handled on her own, she almost relented. This was especially when she found out her husband Jason (De Vine) was cheating with another parent from their daughter’s school. The final decision however was still up to her whether she wanted to continue running her own company or simply let another take over. After listening to Ben’s advice, she decided to continue doing what her passion dictates; running her own company with her husband promising to change. This movie is definitely worth spending two hours in the cinema for :)

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