Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hong Kong Day 5 + Hollywood Road Antiques & Times Square Hong Kong - A Review

Our time in Hong Kong quickly came to an end with our fifth day. After contemplating about his "antique"-lookalike vase, the BF finally decided to get it already. Haha. We actually went to Hollywood Road the previous day but because of the weekend, and also the time we arrived, most of the shops were already closed.

Oh and the reason I did not take any photos from Hollywood Road are mainly because I was grumpy over walking there in the heat and the steep inclining roads did nothing to better my mood (That was after a whole day of walking around other attractions then). Add some grumpy shopkeepers who tried to rip us off by claiming a higher price for what are good imitations just brought be into a grumpier mood. :P I think we left no corners unturned in that area. In case you are interested, we covered EVERY single small alleys and streets that are in the vicinity. The official Hollywood Road is located between Central and Sheung Wan, with Wyndham Street, Arbuthnot Road, Ladder Street, Upper Lascar Row, and Old Bailey Street surrounding it. However, there are a lot of interesting shops on all those other streets as well so we ended up checking out most of them.

Prices are very much negotiable, and be prepared to survey a few shops before buying your final purchase. The shopkeepers all will probably claim theirs are the only 2 or 5 near-original imitations. Oh and everyone will claim their work are from Jingdezhen, a place in China where similar techniques were used to produce the porcelain like in ancient China. In my opinion, those are overrated. The most important thing to me when purchasing an imitation is their aesthetic value only and since most of us couldn't identify an original from a fake, why bother right? This is easily discernible to me because usually I just randomly pick the most pleasing pieces I see and they are usually priced higher than most others, probably because the quality of the handiwork are more evident to the normal eyes.

And the only thing I have to say about this myriad of street mazes are that they provide good cardio. After 2-3 hours of wandering around, I was ready to call it a night. :S

See all the steps even in the map? ;)

And when we revisited the road today, it was in a pretty rushed schedule as the BF just wanted to get the vase he set his eyes on the other day. Blerk! And then we were supposed to head to Times Square Hong Kong for some shopping! This is definitely my more anticipated part of the day. Located in the Causeway Bay area, this area is full of luxury brands and upscale stores. It is also great for people watching and window shopping. Heh.

Check out the cool Batman car

And I got my prezzie here too! Yay! Thanks Sayang! ;) ;)

Tadaaaaa! I had a few photos with the shopping bags but I wonder where are they now? :(
After that we are off to the airport again. Holidays went by so fast. Why does a work day seemed endless? *dramatic wail*

Sadly taking the last few shots
At the airport, we decided to try this packed cafe selling meat (roasted and steam) and it is NYUM! Except that they are priced pretty steeply for a plate of chopped roasted chicken/duck.

Chen Fu Ji (陳福記) are available at two different locations in the airport with different opening hours.

Terminal 1
Food Junction, Departures West Hall, Level 6
Restricted Area
07:00 - 23:30


Terminal 2
Level 6
Non-restricted Area
11:00 - 22:00

Do note their opening hours are different even though they are the same franchise.

And then we are back in Malaysia around midnight...Hungry and so a quick trip to Pacific Coffee for their light meals before going back home to snooze. :P
Oh, they are closed down already by the way as this post is a year late. Hm, never understood why they were not popular. I love their sandwiches and croissants.

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