Saturday, 5 September 2015

Vibe Hotel, Darwin - A Review

I was here for a work trip a few months ago. My company booked us into Vibe Hotel in Darwin. The hotel was pretty comfortable except that wifi was only available for 30 minutes a day. @@ And the quota was quite small. I remembered mine was used up pretty fast just surfing Facebook and reading articles. Receptionist's service was pretty average as compared to some other hotels in Australia (Note I compared only to relevant hotels in Australia and not other countries). Oh well, if given a choice, Vibe Hotel (They have plenty of branches all over Australia) has never really been high on my choice if I am to book my own room. In this case I think the price was quite affordable for a clean, comfy room. The only gripe I have was the internet, and the service in their coffee house. More about that in my next post.
Did I enjoy my stay? I would say it's alright. Would I come back? Maybe not, unless it's free and booked by my company.

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