Saturday, 26 September 2015

SkyPoint Observatory Deck, Gold Coast - A Review

Sky Point Observatory Deck is located 230m off the ground on Gold Coast and is worth a visit if you wanted to get a birds' eyes view of the beach and its surrounding areas. You can even do some Tower Climbing but we were not interested and just purchased tickets to visit the observation deck. The general admission for an adult is about AUD24 but there are some discounts online if you purchased them early like us ;) There is a cafe up there but we were just happy to sit around their many couches and enjoy the view. Wifi is also available so you could update your Facebook with the photos taken. A small area is sectioned out for a video which showcased the history of Gold Coast etc if you are interested too.

It is easy to spot this tower from the surrounding area if you want to visit as it is the TALLEST building in Gold Coast but otherwise, here's the address:

SkyPoint (Observation Deck)
Level 77 of the iconic Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Final picture before we leave for our dinner
For more info, check out my Day 2 in Gold Coast and my review on SeaWorld

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