Friday, 11 September 2015

Cheap Eats in KL - Jalan Mesu / Lorong Ceylon

Now if you have been following posts from HERE about using Go-KL buses, here are the few options you can go to for cheaper meals during weekdays lunch hour if you happened to be nearby this areas (Pavillion KL) or Wisma Foo Yong. A meal her would cost less than RM10. Depending on your budget, I would say RM10 will yield some change including a bowl of Tauhua (Soft Beancurd) or a slice of fruit from the nearby stalls in the same highlighted area.

In case you are not familiar with the symbols I have been using, the grey stars are where the Go-KL buses stop with the colored arrows indicating the routes' color for the buses. The brighter orange star-bursts are where all the cheap eats are concentrated. I personally prefer my wantan noodles with a mix of curry sauce, i.e. I will order one bowl of charsiew & fried wantan noodles with a splash of curry sauce. The lady owner will know what to serve up. This is definitely NON-HALAL.

For Halal options, the "best indian rice" and "the best malay rice" fits that requirement. The food there is definitely very nyum with relatively low price tag. Example, a whole grilled fish + deep fried wild mushrooms and a glass of Bandung (syrup with evaporated milk) in the Malay stall would probably come up to RM8 or less depending on the mood of the Auntie counting your bill. Yes, it is that subjective. They are best known for their whole grilled fish. I simply loved the sambal (chilli paste) they put into the fish. *salivates*

As for the Indian food, sometimes I ended up choosing more than 2 dishes so that would cost about RM7 especially if both are meat. The Indian stall is usually packed so be prepared to squeeze with other working guys who are there just for their lunch and the Auntie is the only person there or sometimes she has a worker to help. The dishes are quite authentic according to one of our Indian friend but for me, as long as they taste good doesn't really matter whether they are or not. Haha.

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