Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Movie World, Gold Coast - A Review

Another famous amusement park in Gold Coast would probably be Movie World. It is something like Disneyland but instead of all the Disney characters, you get the ones from DC Comic. As we did not play most of the rides, we had a lot of extra time to take photos with all the mascots and do plenty of shopping. Haha.

They had a stunt show which is usually packed, so any hope of getting good seats meant getting there early.
It was my second time so maybe it was not as impressive to me but my sister and her boyfriend loved the show... Haha

Then there's the usual procession where all your fave comic characters would be out to greet everyone in their respective rides. Looney tunes characters are all gonna be there as well..

And here we are with Scoopy and the gang! :D

We posed with nearly everything available..LOL

And then we hit Ben & Jerry for a gigantic milkshake and some ice cream...Sadly, the milkshake got a little too much after half a glass and I felt pretty queasy after that. *sad face*

We moved on to more poses and if I am not mistaken there was a Rio show in 4D? Fun times!

And check out Marilyn Monroe with the famous flying dress pose. LoL. They even made the blower active every few seconds so it's more realistic. Heh.

And we have Tweety, Sylvester and Daffy putting on a cute little show right in the middle of the park too! Adorable~

A summary of the highlights of our day would be:
    4D cinema (RIO)
    All star parade: 3.30pm
    Hollywood Stunt Driver: 11am, 1.50pm
    Meet character (Looney Tune Dance Party 10.45am; Scooby Doo 2.30pm)

It's a very family friendly place and I had fun even though it was already my second time. And there were plenty of great T shirts to buy at relatively reasonable prices. ;)

For more on my day in Gold Coast, do check out my post on Day 3 in Gold Coast

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