Thursday, 24 September 2015

Tokyo Day 5 - Tokyo Disneyland - A Review

Most people would probably give Disneyland a miss once they have been to one, unless they are travelling with kids. However, for me, Disneyland is pretty much a mandatory stop. Blerk! For this one, I would probably just be sharing most pics as I had another post about what to do there. I think if you have already been to Disneyland before, maybe this Disneyland can be given a miss and go to their official DisneySea instead. It's the only one in the world and only available in Tokyo. I quite regretted not going but oh well, I was pretty insistent on Disneyland anyway. Haha.

I love Disneylands, don't you? It brings out the kid in everyone and the snacks are just plain adorable. I think theme parks are fun even when I don't play most of the scary rides (roller coasters) especially when you get rid of the notion that adults don't play the childish amusement rides. I mean, there's a reason those rides don't carry a maximum weight criteria no? :P

The only gripe I have about Tokyo's Disneyland is that they only have Japanese as a medium in all their shows which is a bit disappointing as I couldn't understand most of it. And subtitles were not given.

Mandatory pics with the adorable mascots!

The trademark Disney procession

The Disney castle!

More on my Disneyland trip HERE at Tips to Make the Best of your Disneyland Trip

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