Wednesday, 12 August 2015

HongKong Disneyland 2014 - Tips! How to make the best of your visit?

This is my most anticipated of the whole HK trip. Haha! Check out our change of clothes!
In most Disneyland, before 12 noon most of the clothes give about 20% discount if not mistaken... or isit 10%?

Next stop, like in all Disneyland there will be Fast Passes available. Look through the map and you will see which rides have fast passes available. Make a decision on which rides you really really couldn't do without and get fast passes for those OR just get fast passes for rides with extremely long queues. In the meantime, play the other games or wander around looking at shops or get some muchies! Just make sure you are back at the ride at the time mentioned on the FastPass.

Next, try their Mickey Mouse Pao. They have different flavour for their ears and the face. NYUM!!!

When to take photos with the mascots? Honestly, maybe we were just lucky but most of the time, the best time is during the normal meal times. Or if you can catch them early on in the park, then those times are probably the best times as you don't have to queue for it too long. But the pesky thing to note is that most mascots have 30 minutes slot ONLY and go off for breaks after that so...u get the picture..
Oh, or you can choose the less popular characters cos then most kids won't be queuing for them too! :P

That's it! :D Have fun!

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