Monday, 10 August 2015

Where to eat in Miri? Part 1

Surprisingly, each time I go home to Miri, this is the question I always end up asking myself and my sister. Miri has gone a long way since our schooling days and yet, it seemed like the choices are pretty limited compared to other places. That said, it is still part of where I grew up and going back on and off is pretty much a usual.

As of this year 2015, there are a few places I would recommend if any of you happened to be in town and do not know where to go. I will start with one of my favourite breakfast place when I'm in town. We used to wish for a Western breakfast place and finally, last year Piato opened.

Piato Bistro & Cafe serves all day breakfast where you can choose your own breakfast or from their pre-set meals. My personal fave includes their Bacon Egg Benedict and Make Your Own Brekkie (Beef sausage, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, a side of 8 grains and tomatoes!). Do note that their food are NON HALAL and pork are all over their menu ;)
Look for them at : 2456, Jalan Boulevard 2a/1, Boulevard Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

A nice traditional kaya and toast would be at Hainanese Kopitiam nearby the waterfront. Address: Lot 1338, Jalan Bendahara, Miri Waterfront. I really like their authentic kaya (a coconut milk-based curd with eggs) and their lightly toasted white loaf. Their local coffee is quite nice as well if you like those frothy traditional local coffee. I'm a fan! They serve main meals during lunch hours but to me, their bread is probably their trademark, sooooooo if you are planning to go for heavy meals, do look below.

I stole this from their FB page but since I'm giving them free promo... :X

There is also a Taiwanese shop that I am quite fond of now called Taiwan Cafe at  2497, Jalan Boulevard 3, Boulevard Commercial Centre. Yours truly is a fan of their Herbal Jelly Tea (which has shrunk in terms of the jelly used, but who's keeping track?). Their porky hot pot is excellent as well (I like their original) and so on and so forth. Sandwiches aren't bad but their steam bun with pork and preserved vegetables totally had me at OMG! :D

Craving for some Italian food but Fratini's has always been the only choice so far? Well, good news! Mama Mia is now opened at Tanjong Lobang and their menu is quite refreshing and food is good except for their quite long waiting time. Both times I went we waited nearly 30 minutes for the first dish to come out of the kitchen. Hopefully they will manage to speed things up over the next few months.
They have quite a selection of funky pizzas and pastas but the ones I like so far are probably the Roasted Pork Aglio Oglio. I like having their banana milkshake and both times I made sure I ordered those. So, if you haven't been there, give them a try.

Oh and they have a mean all day breakfast as well. I love their bacon benedict here with their tangy salad of rockets.

This spicy prawn pasta is a bit too hot for me (MamaMia Pasta)

Complimentary bread

My fave!

MamaMia Pizza

More on cafes to go in Miri in my next post... :)

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