Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rice Paper Stick, Melbourne

Initially when I was researching on where to eat in Melbourne, this comes up as one of the top choices. I was quite excited since it seemed to be within walking distance from the hotel we were going to stay in. However, we scrapped this idea while we were there as we found some cafes we just had to try each time. 

That was until on nearly the last day we chanced upon it when we were walking around Melbourne CBD for the White Noise or White Lights or White Night Festival? Its where laser and light shows are done on the buildings in the CBD with different themes every half an hour if I am not mistaken. Sadly, I couldn’t find any photos from that day even though I distinctly remember taking photos in front of Federation Square etc. 

This is a Vietnamese-inspired kind of café and the place was packed when we were there. Mainly due to the reason above. The servings were mostly tapas-style (think small portions like dimsums but meant for sharing during meal times). Needless to say, I went crazy with the ordering until the food came and we were like OMG, How to finish them all? :P

We had MINI VIETNAMESE BAGUETTE BANH MI, STICKY PORK BELLY MUU KROB  g, a couple bowls of phos and again, no pictures!!! *Pulls hair in frustration* This is very annoying because I have already started this post and only realising this when I wanted to upload the photos. We also had some meatballs thingie and spring rolls but when I tried to google their names, they are not available on the official website’s menu. Hmmm, strange. Maybe because this post was nearly half a year late?

I would recommend this place to anyone passing by and willing to wait during peak hours.

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