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Which Tour Package to Choose in Sydney? Part 2 - Sydney City Tour and Bondi Beach

Since my previous post was a little too long, I thought I would split it into a few separate posts, since there are more tour packages up for discussion during our whole trip there the last CNY. To view my previous post about BlueDiamondTour to Blue Mountains, click HERE

AAT Kings Sydney City Tour and Bondi Beach
"It is basically an average tour. The tour guide was pretty comprehensive but we find it a bit too much and most of us couldn't stay awake Lol. He reminded me of my history teacher. Sorry! Lol. Wifi is only valid for 30 mins every 24 hour. bus was quite comfy with a nice washroom onboard".
Visited February 2015

I gave the above review for this tour in TripAdvisor.

We took the above tour for a half day thingie because we arrived in early morning of the day itself. This was chosen mainly because of their timing which is in the afternoon (one of the few available). Sadly, our flight was delayed and we pre-booked some tickets to the Sydney Aquarium etc to fill in the time before this tour and was unable to go for that. Luckily we managed to get in at the last minute by making sad faces at the managers and they took pity on us. (Mainly it's me making my sad face because it is really a lot of money to burn if they do not allow us in, and besides their website put up a later opening hours and we thought we could make it). More on that next time maybe? (UPDATE: Made a post on that HERE)

Anyway back to this tour. 

According to their website HERE this tour includes the following: "Travel through the historic Rocks district and Chinatown. Stop at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens, for a panoramic view of the Sydney Opera House and the harbour. At the Gap, the entrance of Sydney Harbour, see breathtaking views of the coast. At Bondi Beach wander the shoreline and dip your toes in the cool clear water, before returning to the city."

True to their words, their tour guide has a very comprehensive knowledge about the city and its sights. We tried our very best to pay attention especially since we paid for the service already (kiasu mah) XD

The RocksHere we saw some old buildings which are quite beautiful. At this point my eyes were practically closed already.

One of the precious few photos I took before snoozing off
Between Harbour Bridge to Chinatown, I think none of us managed to get any photos because we were too busy sleeping like a few piggies (maybe even with some snoring :X). At least when we reached Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, the tour bus stopped for toilet break and photo-sessions so we woke up to take a few shots with the pretty background.

We went back to the bus for more Zzzz-s and again, missed whatever the guide was saying about Sydney Opera House and The Gap. Even as I am writing this, I feel a little bad for the fella because I distinctly remember hearing them droning on and on before I went back to sleep but it was really hard to stay awake. At least this testify one thing! The bus seats are comfortable! LOL.

The last stop was at Bondi Beach and it was really beautiful. We went for a few quick shots then under the shade. The weather was really really hot and even with a few minutes of walking I was sporting quite a bad sunburn by the next day. :S
There were a few cafes along the beach and after some ice cream and coffee, we were off!

More on tours we took in Sydney and Melbourne coming up!

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