Sunday, 30 August 2015

Captain Cook Cruises Sydney, A Review

This would be quite pleasant if we weren't in such a rush when we reached. We basically couldn't find the correct place at first (my mistake since I led everyone to the wrong direction, LOL). Then after we figured the correct direction, I started running on my own to "stop" the cruise since it's nearly 12.30pm already. I know, what was I thinking? When I finally reached the cruise ship, they were nearly ready to set off. After some explaining (and drama), we got an extra 5 minutes. Then yours truly was off again running back to where everyone is still walking towards the cruise and asked them to hurry up. I was basically sweaty and red-faced in a dress. *sigh* Can just imagine right how I look? :S

Oh in case anyone's wondering, Wharf No. 1 as mentioned is not the first wharf when you walk into the area. It is the one right at the end. Yeap, the road-signs say we are there but when I thought it's near, it's another 300m-500m walk (Maybe I exaggerate)

Pale once the redness goes off with my sweaty hair. Urgh! I think most of my photos after this just looks oily and sweaty..

Then after all the sia-soi stuff happening before boarding the ship, I made another sia-soi thing while on it. In Malaysia, all our buffet tables had their lids closed and you open it yourself for the food then closing it back right? Well, apparently NOT in Australia. Once I rested (we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves, being weekdays and all), I went up for the lunch. Hungry mahhh after running all over the place. After scoping my first two prawns, the waiter came over and haughtily informed me that buffet is NOT served yet. They will let us know when it is ready. OMG! *Horrified look*

Siasoi right? No wonder nobody go to the buffet table yet lo. ><
Anyway, after another long, embarrassing walk back to my table, and after sitting down for less than 5 minutes, they formally announced the buffet is ready. Grr!

This is a pretty relaxing way to take in the city sights if buses are too common for you. LOL. Just do NOT repeat my mistake. The food is not that great but maybe part of the reason could be I lost my appetite already from sheer humiliation. Haha. And they have a photographer who will take your photos then selling it to you in a open-card thingie. It will definitely look better than your selfies ;)

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