Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Where to eat in Miri? Part 2

Okayyyy... aside from the usual Kopitiams, Miri has always been more of a small-ish town despite its "city" status from a few years back. It's only recently that good cafes offering a great selection of coffee and dessert sprouted out so its good news for coffee aficionados around here. I quite like a few of the ones below so if anyone have more places to add to the list, please let me know. :)

Note: * (star) being my rating for the cafe's ambience (A), food (F) and service (S)

1) Maker's Cafe [A: 4*, F: 4*, S: 5*]
This is a church/Christian-themed cafe. Their cakes are all basically named after characters from the bible so you can probably see a Noah, Moses and so on in their cakes' names. That aside, I think their cakes are pretty good and gives us something different. Example, I think their cheesecake has something inside the cheese layer which gives sorta more of a bite. Can't say I especially love it as I'm probably used to the silky smooth texture of normal cheesecake, think Secret Recipe guys..you get the picture..

The coffee on the other hand is pretty good, served in big mugs so you can drink all the coffee you want without craving for more when you finished them all in a gulp especially like in some of the cafes where they serve them in smaller cups.

Address: S/lot 2376, Ground Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Jalan Boulevard 1, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

2) Brewhouse [A: 4*, F: 5*, S: 5*]
This is a quaint cafe located in the new wing of Imperial Mall in town. I like the coffee here and their Irish coffee is out of this world. Cakes available are limited to the one cake they have on that specific day. However, their pies and pastries are good so, you probably can get something other than cakes to go with your coffee. Do note their tables are pretty limited so weekdays are better to hang out rather than during weekends.

3) Murano Cafe [A: 5*, F: 3*, S: 4*]
This cafe is pretty in a slightly warm light. They basically featured a lot of "murano" lights, hence the name. They offer Hi-Tea set, an assortment of desserts and snacks and some selection of mains as well. I personally like their Kid's Set, but their Hi-Tea set is quite alright except that some of their desserts and cakes are on the sweet side. But as far as Miri goes, this is a good spot to hang out and spend some time chatting with ur girlfriends on a sunny day.

Lot 2972, Grd Flr Block 2, Miri 98000, Malaysia (along the highway to Lutong)

4) Ruffles Cafe [A: 4*, F: 3*, S: 3*]
The one and only place selling mille crepe cakes. Or is there more now? Lots of books available for reading and the clean-cut settings feels quite comfortable. They have some nice looking desserts and good tarts as well. I actually like coming here once in a while.

Address: The Ruffles. Café and Cupcake Shop. 1034 Jalan Edward Jeli (Jalan Edward Jeli,)

5) Meet D'Brown Cafe  [A: 2*, F: 4*, S: 2*]
This is also another place for coffee and breakfast. However, annoyingly the service is really slow and the breakfast is only available until 11am even on the weekend. They have mains which you have to order from if you arrive at any later time. I do not really like their service as the first time I went I waited an hour for my breakfast set and second time (I thought of giving them another chance) they insisted there is nothing they can do since I arrive at 11.15am and their breakfast is only until 11am. Granted, this might be their policy but I felt slighted during that time. Their coffee is pretty good but since most cafes in Miri are serving coffee from the same brand (I think BrewHouse's) there are a lot of competition going on. The only difference between a customer going to Cafe A and Cafe B are probably the service and the location. With another cafe (Murano) right in front, maybe this cafe would serve well if they improve their service and attitude.

Address: just in front of Murano Cafe (see above)

6) Siew Bao Bakery [A: 1*, F: 5*, S: 3*]
This is a famous old-fashioned bakery (sorta). They have been here for a decade or slightly more? From selling just baos and siew baos, they have branched out into buns and other pastries. My family love coming here for their baos so the food is definitely good. A little warm in the afternoon but if you come too late in the evening, everything would be sold out. At least those that I always like ordering. Advice is, come early and bear with the heat. Personal fave: Siew bao, Red bean pao, Ham/Bacon rolls

Address: Lot 1098 Jalan Permaisuri Groundfloor, Miri 98000, Malaysia


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