Friday, 29 April 2011

The Hive, Thistle JB

Thistle is definitely a pretty place to dine in, to stay, etc..the ambience is just...really good..ahhaha
Food however, is a different story I guess....Went to one of the four cafes/restaurants there: The Hive..
They have live performance and all but sadly, that's lacking in a way, but the friendly staffs really makes it better :)
We ordered these:

As you all prolly can see, the setup is really nice...they even have old albums hanging on the walls...the golden oldies and all..however, the waitress we had are not really good with explaining the food etc cos when I asked, she couldnt seem to answer :)
The food is just average and the apple pie horrible..we had a slice of cheesecake from the birthday boy who is celebrating his birthday thr and it was GOOD..ahahha..dun rmbr seeing that on the menu though..:)

Overall, just an OK place to eat in..unless u're paying for the ambience and stuff den it's fine :)

Pasta Zanmai, Subang

Well, Pasta Zanmai used to be a place where I always go to with my sis when we have our girl's nite out in KL (usually MidValley). Haha, been a while since I've been to one mainly due to the muchy new shops popping up that we decided to go to instead, and also my lack of trips to KL or our busy schedule :S

Apparently, there's a lil changes to the menu since I last went..which is prolly nearly a few months or a year? And I used to like the food there, especially their sesame dressing which is very fragrant (IMO) but this time around, the food's a lil disappointing as everything is a lil too salty for my taste..

Instead of ordering my usual Fruit Tea, i changed it to the Fruit Juice thingie?
maybe the economy's a lil bad eh? Used to have strawberry slices in these but none this time round :P
Still prefer the tea version though, the fruit juice one is a lil too much for me :)

Had the unagi set as well, which is like all unagis..NYUM and nothing much to complain about

The Japanese Burgers however, is something i dun really like..aside from the fact it tasted like homemade burgers, with lack of stuff inside served with just a serving of salad...i think it's just i personally think there should be something other than onion and minced beef in the patties though...

The April special..smoked salmon sushi thingie was very salty..the chef prolly slipped and pour the whole bottle of salt in it..sigh..a disappointment...but oh well...guess imperfections here n there is normal..just maybe...:p


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