Friday, 27 November 2009

Pretty lil moth

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Beef Bulgogi?

Finally went to have my Korean food today...since the shop i was planning to go to is closed...*sigh* I went to another nearby Korean restaurant...and ordered the beef bulgogi i spelt it right..hahaha...since i ordered the single person's set, the portion is already this big...i really wonder how big exactly is the portion with markings f0r 2-3 persons..
The soup was nice for the first few mouthful but after that, the overpowering sweetness is a lil too much for me..haha

This set comes with these sides: steam egg with crabstick, kimchi, fried kangkung, uh..clam thingie, potato and carrots in a sweet slightly spicy sauce and a whole basket of lettuce..ahhaha..left dat untouched though...blerk

Oya, this shop is called OMEE Korean Family Restaurant,
92, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Sutera Utama, JB.:D
pretty cheap though...the whole set costs me less than RM17. *grins*

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Finally went for a jog after leaving it for like 2 months? It's pretty nice today since there's not much people around anymore, so I have the jogging path all to myself...*blerk* The view once I get to the end of the path is so serene and beautiful...with most of the construction works out of the view...hahaha...Pretty huh?Then, there's this view from the end of the path towards my hostel..hahaha...looks like a park from here...:D
Did I say there wasn't much people just nw?Yeah I did...anyway, I got these moo-moo cows to keep me company...hahaha..they r prolly wondering why there's this messy looking human running up and down the path and finally taking their pic...

Ms Cow 1: Mooo...who's dat?
Ms Cow 2: Just go ahead and munch ur grass lady~
Ms Cow 1: Wait wait...I think she's gonna take our pic...*stare into the camera*

Glossed out

I've been having these dry, chapped lips for a while now...wonder whether it's the hot and humid JB's weather that has been causing this or what...urgh...finally went to have it look at by the doc and got a...lemme c...glycerin? for it...must be pretty good i guess cause the problem went away after two applications...sigh..if only i knew it's so simple earlier..would have saved me a lot of trouble...>< the name glycerin reminded me of some sorta oil's name..hmmm..or isit that mouth-wash thingie...?

the hot weather outside is making me kinda sleepy though...argh...wakey wakey...needed to stay awake to do my data editing...which is kinda a bore since i'm pretty annoyed with it rite now...mainly cause it's because of it i'm stuck here when i could be home enjoying my holidays...urgh...despite the loud blarring coming out from the music player it's not exactly helpful in keeping me awake...should be pretty contented right now there, at least i did get my sis and a fren to help me a lil with copying and pasting my 2 to go...10 more left...deducting the ones i've already done..should be 8 to go...*sigh*...

come to think of it, maybe i should do some jogging later...i'm so flabby right now it would be a disgrace to dress in skirts or shorts...urgh...laziness is gonna be d doom of me...
BUENO...should I? or should I not...hmm....maybe not with my sore throat...hmm....though it IS getting better with d antibiotics...maybe i'll just give d bueno one more day to live...LOL

No korean food today though...dun feel like driving all the way there and coming back..argh...can anyone faint with cravings?LOL...blerk

Monday, 23 November 2009

Meaningful Quotes

With the bombardment of emails i got, thanks to all my "dedicated" frens who actually commented on and on and on in our primary school pictures, I finally had time to go through those hundreds of Facebook emails and deleted them, thus having noticed all other emails I have crammed in my inbox...There's one on meaningful quotes which I opened (mainly due to the title) but Thank God I did...haha..loved the quotes...

Among the few are:and although

Isn't that just so true?
Isn't that just the sweetest? Awww...

An ordinary day for an ordinary ME! lol

As I'm sipping my cup of Chocolate Milk Tea, I started unpacking my laptop and modem and stuffs to quickly logged onto Facebook...haha...I really really need an i-phone so I can login to that 24/7 but then, I am addicted as it is...prolly doesnt need any more help in that department but...a girl can wish can't she?haha...Ah, I'm definitely very addicted to all those Facebook games... The first thing I did every single day once I'm up is to check my BarnBuddy, followed by Cafe World and then all other random games which I checked accordingly (my interests in them changes pretty often, cos there are so many new ones every single day...u catch my drift right?) Anyway, the next thing is I gotta time my brushing teeth, bathing time and stuffs to actually make sure I am in time to harvest my stuffs...just so my "frens" dun start stealing my stuffs..LOL *groans*I am SOOO addicted...

I'm feeling pretty bloated right now after the Salmon Hot Plate at Sushi King with the Salmon Sausage thingie with d sesame seeds...Then when I went to Jusco, couldn't resist buying a pack of this instant mix and some fresh fishie...actually the promoter gave me a sample of the one she cooked a month or so ago and I loved the taste and since she has been telling me that it's very simple to do, figured I could try cooking it tonite for my dinner...hahaha...would post up the picture of the end result later tonite...if I managed to get it right..should be simple I think..based on the instructions..hmm..let's just hope I dun messed this up..;)
Update: Haha..well, the fish tasted great..but my room doesn't smell so reeks of the fishy n the paste's smell...*sigh* which just goes to show this isn't one of my best ideas...and the fish i chose turns out to be sultan fish (a kind of fish with Y-bones) and I ended up having to spend a lot of time choosing away the bones...sheesh...i wonder who sells sultan fish in fillet?urghhh...stupid Jusco..but dumber me having bought it without realising it...hahaha
Note to self: use tenggiri or other lesser-bones fish...and cook in a place with better ventilation...duhh

Another day another time

It's Monday and after contemplating for like a few seconds, I decided to call up my "beloved" supervisor (I'm doing an undergraduate project with him) to see if I can meet him up since I haven't gt around doing it despite being asked by him to do so since a week earlier...had been meaning to...but since he changed the time the last minute last Thursday and I got sick that evening, thing after another and I just din have the chance...*blerk*. Anyway, since he's not in...I decided to drop by the clinic to get some med for my own sick self (apparently, self medicating doesn't rili do the trick, lest for me) and then it's on to the library...Oh wait! and I've been feeling pretty good today since I finally managed to lose 8KGS after 3 months of's still far from what I wanted to achieve but heck, it's a good start...anyway back to the library..well, it sure is a QUIET ZONE like the sign say...barely a soul inside and its really quiet..good for some self-relaxation I guess...Actually, my main motive for going all the way to the library was actually to get more books for a little light reading since all those TVB dramas are not coming out as fast as I would like...sheesh...downloading took me ages but it took less than an hour to finish one least a book should be able to keep me occupied for a couple of hours when I'm sick of doing all those data editing..*sigh* So far, I've read about 4 books in 3 days so you can prolly guess my boredom all alone in my creepy hostel which is also pretty much empty unless you count the weekdays where the cleaning lady came around but during the weekends, even the other two girls I spotted is still staying in my wing is not in...urgh...

Hm...talking about books I've read...Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe is really nice I guess since it's actually the sequel for Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game..hahaha..I'm such a sucker for those strong characters dats the norm for Sheldon's books but the other books I've read like Adele Park's Love Lies, Julie K. L. Dam's Some Like It Haute and 2-in-1 Texas Cowboys Stories which I've forgotten the title (will get back to it after I've checked) are just good for reading leisure but I'm really confused by those New York Times BestSelling Author and other stuffs printed on those books that actually got me to read them but really...not all of them are THAT good...I mean, r those labels just for publicity and a marketing strategy to get us to buy them or to read them? *stroke own chin thoughtfully* LOL

Maybe I'll just get myself some Korean food tomorrow if my throat is feeling better...sigh

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Trust is EARNED

Like the title, I would say a definite YES to that. Trust is to be earned and not simply expected out of anyone and served on a silver platter...It is a simple truth and yet many of us fail to grasp that. With the dishonesty and distrust which is the norm in today's society, it is even more true. There's nothing more common than the common backstabbing found everywhere, everyday but me being me, wishes it can all be simpler. Simpler in the sense that with every piece of trust I handed out, I really wish there will be no cause for me to retract that back...with each retraction, it's like a piece of my optimism in life is ripped i'm being pretty melodramatic here..LOL...too much time in front of your computer can do that to you...hahaha..

This reminds me, I wonder if i have disappointed anyone before when i broke their trust...ah, life has the way of doing that to you once you reaches a certain point of it and at certain age...not that i'm implying i AM old...*horrors*. On the other hand, I started thinking, maybe disappointments are all due to the love and hope we place on other people and when they fail to live up to our expectations, we are hurt and in a way, we see it as a breaking of trusts that we've misguidedly placed upon them...Complications complications...

Sometimes when we tried so hard to live up to the trusts which are placed upon us, in order not to disappoint someone important in our lives, we ended up bitter. Prolly due to the fact that all those pressure is killing us inside and there's no way of complaining without sounding like we're trying to shrug off any responsibilities and such..

We humans are so complicated at times...

Better out then in~

Here I am AGAIN..guess there's aplenty to blog about today..I'm sitting here minding my own business and then PLWERKKKKK there's a bunch of puke right in front of me. Not that i wanna be mean or anything but it IS disgusting to see someone hurling right in front of you and guess i'm getting sick too cos the pungent smell is kinda overpowering my other senses...and i've got my hats-off to the guy who's been sitting back-to-back with the "star" in question...
Now i feel like puking myself especially since the chair full of the "treasure" is placed quite near my table
Not that i'm not symphathetic and all but it will be pretty hypocrite to say im not disgusted at all and such but how should i put it? I feel for the poor lil guy who vomited out all those stuffs i mean one wouldnt do dat unless they're sick and such but...why couldnt anyone just move dat damn chair away????
Ah well, I guess it's better out den inside d poor guy's tummy...

McD Cravings~

When i say McD cravings, it doesnt just mean the food there...well, honestly im actually a big fan of McD and if u know me well, dats prolly not news to ya but since i've been spending a lot of time in the McD near to my university, i've been thinking...IF ONLY it is in my university itself, wouldnt that be splendid?!!! Hahaha...well, to entertain my ownself further, i actually toyed with the idea of owning one outright...double huuzaahhhhsss....ahahhahahah

Honestly, i think next to McD, Starbucks would be my second favourite place for some alone time...aside from the fact dat both offers internet connection...and it's pretty cooling compared to the scorching weather outside and also in my hostel room..urgh...wonder y there's no airconditioning offered in sch hostel?it would be good to have it since Msian weather is pretty much hot and smoldering nearly 24/7 365 days a year but i guess they have to make us save on the electricity huh?urgh..also, rili wonder why couldnt the Maxis and Digi connection to be better than what is nw offered? Thanks to the lack of students in my university now, Digi offers pretty much average speed with occasional slower den d snail line but with the small amount necessary for dat service, it is excusable...On the other hand, Maxis is terrible...normally, it IS supposed to be better than Digi since its service is offered at more than half of what I needed to pay for the Digi line but heck, i couldnt even get online using it for a few days already...what the.....

Oh yeah, back to my great big love rite now...MCD...i've been thinking...i noe the food offered is not healthy and all but it is a great comfort food and i've always felt happy when im there..wonder why though...hahaha
i remembered when i was small my parents used to bring me to the McD where they have a mini carousel and lil rocky-chair-thingie where they have those fries icon etc...SOOO cute...and then there's the chocolate milk shake and such (I'm a big fan since i'm like 3...) sadly, those choc milk shake is hard to find in most Msian branches of McD...urgh...what else? oh yeah...and those Happy Meals, i mean, i got over the ecstatic squeals and such to get any more toys but those were great! The toys i mean...i remembered making Mum n Dad get me Happy Meals during weekends and collecting those miniature Barbies-look-alike and other cute Disney characters...awww...such happy memories...

a brand new perspective!

i have been thinking about this blog for a while now and i've decided to actually put more stuffs inside aside from my daily binge-ing activities...namely cause i'm too bored and have too much time on my hand...well, not really, but since my time is basically filled by more n more processing work for my undergraduate project which practically occupied most of my time even during this supposedly semester break, i've decided dat i needed someplace to spill my guts out and well...just letting go~

this holiday, i ended up pretty much alone unless u count a short week in which my sis came over to visit me and have been spending a lot of time on my own...something i am pretty new to but growing to like a way...:)
which goes a lot to say, i'm finally growing up...hahaha...out of my dependence on company...if u get my drift..
if u asked me a year earlier about eating alone in shops, window shopping and watching movies all by myself, i would have given u a look of shock and said NEVER! ahaha
guess we shouldnt be too early to give our opinion huh? now, i feel that it is probably pretty relaxing to do need for any prebooking on any frens' need to plan anything and no need to consider anyone else's i sound like im thinking too much but the truth is, it is pretty GREAT to be alone and just spending time pampering my ownself in many ways...

amidst all that, the only problem i have is usually deciding where to eat and where to go since i hate making up my minds for all those but i guess it comes with the territory..hahaha
i have been pretty depressed lately and im not sure whether it's due to the overwhelming work i have to do n d inability to de-stress or wut but i guess taking those aerobics and yoga classes on my own did sumtink good to least i felt happier if i get myself all tired n worn so it's good for trying to induce some sleep in myself...


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