Monday, 23 November 2009

An ordinary day for an ordinary ME! lol

As I'm sipping my cup of Chocolate Milk Tea, I started unpacking my laptop and modem and stuffs to quickly logged onto Facebook...haha...I really really need an i-phone so I can login to that 24/7 but then, I am addicted as it is...prolly doesnt need any more help in that department but...a girl can wish can't she?haha...Ah, I'm definitely very addicted to all those Facebook games... The first thing I did every single day once I'm up is to check my BarnBuddy, followed by Cafe World and then all other random games which I checked accordingly (my interests in them changes pretty often, cos there are so many new ones every single day...u catch my drift right?) Anyway, the next thing is I gotta time my brushing teeth, bathing time and stuffs to actually make sure I am in time to harvest my stuffs...just so my "frens" dun start stealing my stuffs..LOL *groans*I am SOOO addicted...

I'm feeling pretty bloated right now after the Salmon Hot Plate at Sushi King with the Salmon Sausage thingie with d sesame seeds...Then when I went to Jusco, couldn't resist buying a pack of this instant mix and some fresh fishie...actually the promoter gave me a sample of the one she cooked a month or so ago and I loved the taste and since she has been telling me that it's very simple to do, figured I could try cooking it tonite for my dinner...hahaha...would post up the picture of the end result later tonite...if I managed to get it right..should be simple I think..based on the instructions..hmm..let's just hope I dun messed this up..;)
Update: Haha..well, the fish tasted great..but my room doesn't smell so reeks of the fishy n the paste's smell...*sigh* which just goes to show this isn't one of my best ideas...and the fish i chose turns out to be sultan fish (a kind of fish with Y-bones) and I ended up having to spend a lot of time choosing away the bones...sheesh...i wonder who sells sultan fish in fillet?urghhh...stupid Jusco..but dumber me having bought it without realising it...hahaha
Note to self: use tenggiri or other lesser-bones fish...and cook in a place with better ventilation...duhh

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