Monday, 23 November 2009

Another day another time

It's Monday and after contemplating for like a few seconds, I decided to call up my "beloved" supervisor (I'm doing an undergraduate project with him) to see if I can meet him up since I haven't gt around doing it despite being asked by him to do so since a week earlier...had been meaning to...but since he changed the time the last minute last Thursday and I got sick that evening, thing after another and I just din have the chance...*blerk*. Anyway, since he's not in...I decided to drop by the clinic to get some med for my own sick self (apparently, self medicating doesn't rili do the trick, lest for me) and then it's on to the library...Oh wait! and I've been feeling pretty good today since I finally managed to lose 8KGS after 3 months of's still far from what I wanted to achieve but heck, it's a good start...anyway back to the library..well, it sure is a QUIET ZONE like the sign say...barely a soul inside and its really quiet..good for some self-relaxation I guess...Actually, my main motive for going all the way to the library was actually to get more books for a little light reading since all those TVB dramas are not coming out as fast as I would like...sheesh...downloading took me ages but it took less than an hour to finish one least a book should be able to keep me occupied for a couple of hours when I'm sick of doing all those data editing..*sigh* So far, I've read about 4 books in 3 days so you can prolly guess my boredom all alone in my creepy hostel which is also pretty much empty unless you count the weekdays where the cleaning lady came around but during the weekends, even the other two girls I spotted is still staying in my wing is not in...urgh...

Hm...talking about books I've read...Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe is really nice I guess since it's actually the sequel for Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game..hahaha..I'm such a sucker for those strong characters dats the norm for Sheldon's books but the other books I've read like Adele Park's Love Lies, Julie K. L. Dam's Some Like It Haute and 2-in-1 Texas Cowboys Stories which I've forgotten the title (will get back to it after I've checked) are just good for reading leisure but I'm really confused by those New York Times BestSelling Author and other stuffs printed on those books that actually got me to read them but really...not all of them are THAT good...I mean, r those labels just for publicity and a marketing strategy to get us to buy them or to read them? *stroke own chin thoughtfully* LOL

Maybe I'll just get myself some Korean food tomorrow if my throat is feeling better...sigh

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