Sunday, 22 November 2009

Trust is EARNED

Like the title, I would say a definite YES to that. Trust is to be earned and not simply expected out of anyone and served on a silver platter...It is a simple truth and yet many of us fail to grasp that. With the dishonesty and distrust which is the norm in today's society, it is even more true. There's nothing more common than the common backstabbing found everywhere, everyday but me being me, wishes it can all be simpler. Simpler in the sense that with every piece of trust I handed out, I really wish there will be no cause for me to retract that back...with each retraction, it's like a piece of my optimism in life is ripped i'm being pretty melodramatic here..LOL...too much time in front of your computer can do that to you...hahaha..

This reminds me, I wonder if i have disappointed anyone before when i broke their trust...ah, life has the way of doing that to you once you reaches a certain point of it and at certain age...not that i'm implying i AM old...*horrors*. On the other hand, I started thinking, maybe disappointments are all due to the love and hope we place on other people and when they fail to live up to our expectations, we are hurt and in a way, we see it as a breaking of trusts that we've misguidedly placed upon them...Complications complications...

Sometimes when we tried so hard to live up to the trusts which are placed upon us, in order not to disappoint someone important in our lives, we ended up bitter. Prolly due to the fact that all those pressure is killing us inside and there's no way of complaining without sounding like we're trying to shrug off any responsibilities and such..

We humans are so complicated at times...

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