Sunday, 22 November 2009

McD Cravings~

When i say McD cravings, it doesnt just mean the food there...well, honestly im actually a big fan of McD and if u know me well, dats prolly not news to ya but since i've been spending a lot of time in the McD near to my university, i've been thinking...IF ONLY it is in my university itself, wouldnt that be splendid?!!! Hahaha...well, to entertain my ownself further, i actually toyed with the idea of owning one outright...double huuzaahhhhsss....ahahhahahah

Honestly, i think next to McD, Starbucks would be my second favourite place for some alone time...aside from the fact dat both offers internet connection...and it's pretty cooling compared to the scorching weather outside and also in my hostel room..urgh...wonder y there's no airconditioning offered in sch hostel?it would be good to have it since Msian weather is pretty much hot and smoldering nearly 24/7 365 days a year but i guess they have to make us save on the electricity huh?urgh..also, rili wonder why couldnt the Maxis and Digi connection to be better than what is nw offered? Thanks to the lack of students in my university now, Digi offers pretty much average speed with occasional slower den d snail line but with the small amount necessary for dat service, it is excusable...On the other hand, Maxis is terrible...normally, it IS supposed to be better than Digi since its service is offered at more than half of what I needed to pay for the Digi line but heck, i couldnt even get online using it for a few days already...what the.....

Oh yeah, back to my great big love rite now...MCD...i've been thinking...i noe the food offered is not healthy and all but it is a great comfort food and i've always felt happy when im there..wonder why though...hahaha
i remembered when i was small my parents used to bring me to the McD where they have a mini carousel and lil rocky-chair-thingie where they have those fries icon etc...SOOO cute...and then there's the chocolate milk shake and such (I'm a big fan since i'm like 3...) sadly, those choc milk shake is hard to find in most Msian branches of McD...urgh...what else? oh yeah...and those Happy Meals, i mean, i got over the ecstatic squeals and such to get any more toys but those were great! The toys i mean...i remembered making Mum n Dad get me Happy Meals during weekends and collecting those miniature Barbies-look-alike and other cute Disney characters...awww...such happy memories...

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