Sunday, 22 November 2009

a brand new perspective!

i have been thinking about this blog for a while now and i've decided to actually put more stuffs inside aside from my daily binge-ing activities...namely cause i'm too bored and have too much time on my hand...well, not really, but since my time is basically filled by more n more processing work for my undergraduate project which practically occupied most of my time even during this supposedly semester break, i've decided dat i needed someplace to spill my guts out and well...just letting go~

this holiday, i ended up pretty much alone unless u count a short week in which my sis came over to visit me and have been spending a lot of time on my own...something i am pretty new to but growing to like a way...:)
which goes a lot to say, i'm finally growing up...hahaha...out of my dependence on company...if u get my drift..
if u asked me a year earlier about eating alone in shops, window shopping and watching movies all by myself, i would have given u a look of shock and said NEVER! ahaha
guess we shouldnt be too early to give our opinion huh? now, i feel that it is probably pretty relaxing to do need for any prebooking on any frens' need to plan anything and no need to consider anyone else's i sound like im thinking too much but the truth is, it is pretty GREAT to be alone and just spending time pampering my ownself in many ways...

amidst all that, the only problem i have is usually deciding where to eat and where to go since i hate making up my minds for all those but i guess it comes with the territory..hahaha
i have been pretty depressed lately and im not sure whether it's due to the overwhelming work i have to do n d inability to de-stress or wut but i guess taking those aerobics and yoga classes on my own did sumtink good to least i felt happier if i get myself all tired n worn so it's good for trying to induce some sleep in myself...

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