Sunday, 22 November 2009

Better out then in~

Here I am AGAIN..guess there's aplenty to blog about today..I'm sitting here minding my own business and then PLWERKKKKK there's a bunch of puke right in front of me. Not that i wanna be mean or anything but it IS disgusting to see someone hurling right in front of you and guess i'm getting sick too cos the pungent smell is kinda overpowering my other senses...and i've got my hats-off to the guy who's been sitting back-to-back with the "star" in question...
Now i feel like puking myself especially since the chair full of the "treasure" is placed quite near my table
Not that i'm not symphathetic and all but it will be pretty hypocrite to say im not disgusted at all and such but how should i put it? I feel for the poor lil guy who vomited out all those stuffs i mean one wouldnt do dat unless they're sick and such but...why couldnt anyone just move dat damn chair away????
Ah well, I guess it's better out den inside d poor guy's tummy...

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