Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Finally went for a jog after leaving it for like 2 months? It's pretty nice today since there's not much people around anymore, so I have the jogging path all to myself...*blerk* The view once I get to the end of the path is so serene and beautiful...with most of the construction works out of the view...hahaha...Pretty huh?Then, there's this view from the end of the path towards my hostel..hahaha...looks like a park from here...:D
Did I say there wasn't much people just nw?Yeah I did...anyway, I got these moo-moo cows to keep me company...hahaha..they r prolly wondering why there's this messy looking human running up and down the path and finally taking their pic...

Ms Cow 1: Mooo...who's dat?
Ms Cow 2: Just go ahead and munch ur grass lady~
Ms Cow 1: Wait wait...I think she's gonna take our pic...*stare into the camera*

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