Friday, 29 April 2011

The Hive, Thistle JB

Thistle is definitely a pretty place to dine in, to stay, etc..the ambience is just...really good..ahhaha
Food however, is a different story I guess....Went to one of the four cafes/restaurants there: The Hive..
They have live performance and all but sadly, that's lacking in a way, but the friendly staffs really makes it better :)
We ordered these:

As you all prolly can see, the setup is really nice...they even have old albums hanging on the walls...the golden oldies and all..however, the waitress we had are not really good with explaining the food etc cos when I asked, she couldnt seem to answer :)
The food is just average and the apple pie horrible..we had a slice of cheesecake from the birthday boy who is celebrating his birthday thr and it was GOOD..ahahha..dun rmbr seeing that on the menu though..:)

Overall, just an OK place to eat in..unless u're paying for the ambience and stuff den it's fine :)

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