Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hong Kong Summer 2014 Part 1 - Dimsum Galore!

I was really excited over this trip then. So it's summer then. No biggie...RIGHTTTTT...
Since we are all Malaysian and it's always hot and humid here anyway, how different could it be?
Well, it's wrong! The weather when we were there was stifling hot. Haha. Think warm oven in your face 24/7. Maybe that's why Airasia had such cheap fares during that period. Hahaha... Anyway, despite all the heat, the amount of tourists are still amazingly high. Hongkong I would say is a fun trip. Just I don't particularly enjoy the heat during the months of June-July?

The DIMSUMs are amazing. We tried practically most of the dimsum every morning until by the end of the week I'm quite sick of dimsum...Hahaha...Doesn't stop me the first few days though...

The few stops we made include:

1) Tim Ho Wan
There might be branches in Malaysia now but believe me, the taste is absolutely different. If you compare their trademark Char Siew Bun, you would definitely see the difference. The only thing I dislike on their menu is probably the Liver's Chee Cheong Fun. And their Kwai Fa Kou (flower-jelly?) is worth a try.

Our fave!!!!

Location: G/F, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon


 2) Royal Legend Banquet

From the photos alone, you would have guessed this is pretty much a more opulent version of a chinese tea house or dimsum place. The food is quite good like most dimsum places in HK but obviously the prices here would be slightly more expensive compared to OPTION 1 and 3 as shown in this post ;)
The reason this became one of our stop is non other than the fact it is within a stone's throw away from our hotel.

 I love most of the stuff here except the Malaikou? which looks like Kwai Fa Kou but is more like a mochi's texture without the flowery fragrance. :S Since neither of us read Chinese, my bf and I just contented ourselves with pointing at any dimsum we are familiar with or feel inclined to try. 

Lucky for us most of these are available in Malaysia so...not that hard to figure out. Taste-wise, it reminded me of some of the better Chinese dimsum establishments in KL so..

Address: 1/F, Golden Court, 22-52 Electric Road, Tin Hau, HK

Anywayyyy...on to the next one!

3) Lin Heung Tea House
This is one of the oldest dimsum establishment in HK so you can still see people carting baskets of pipping hot dimsums around. The ordering style here would be grabbing what you want and passing the card from your table to the server. Or pointing it nicely to the server but most people who are eating here seemed to be very fast so it's a "Grab it now or lose it" kind of situation :P
Depending on how hungry you are, you can either wait for everyone or just do like the Romans do! :D

Looks old school, eh? :D


Said card to give to server
 Among the offerings here:

 Address:  G/F 160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, China

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