Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sydney Aquarium, A Review!

Remember I mentioned something about our visit to Sydney Aquarium HERE and promised to elaborate more on that later? Well, here it is!

You probably gathered from that post we were late coming to the aquarium, mainly because their website showed their opening hours are until 6pm so we were there by 5pm but apparently they were already closed, or about to. Another group of Indian tourists were with us also but since they left after a while (They bought online tickets like us too) they didn't get to go in with us. Thanks to lots of begging and cajoling from yours truly. I still feel that it is only right for them to admit us especially since their website posted their opening hours and tourists like us couldn't extend our stay for another day to visit and all that as we probably had other plans or had our tickets to go back home booked. Anyway, I was grateful that their manager was quite understanding and allowed us to go in even though its just for 30 minutes more or less with their officer tagging a little way behind. :D (special escort)

Sydney Aquarium is definitely worth visiting IMO. Lots of beautiful corals, aquatic lifes, even a gigantic dugong! Plenty of sharks...giant rays....I love their underwater tunnel and if given more time, this place is worth exploring and definitely need more than 30 minutes. :( Oh well, at least our tickets were not wasted.

Curious ;)
Check out the huge tunnel! Lots of sharks!

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