Sunday, 16 August 2015

Meriton Serviced Apartment, Pitt Street, Sydney - A Review

 I had my reservations when we were going to book this hotel. Mainly because it calls itself a serviced apartment and usually in Malaysia, that means apartments with minimal services. :P Or maybe it's just me. 
After some researching online, we summarized that serviced apartments here meant hotel just they do not have facilities like coffee houses, or certain facilities that hotels come with. However, I felt that it makes no difference whether they are called hotels or serviced apartments. Our apartment came with the city view and a nice coffee table to hang out and chit chat over a cup of coffee.
Ignore our messy  bags but that aside, the apartment looked really nice and the space was really amazing for a two-bedroom apartment. 

You probably wouldn't notice the difference between the master room and the second room aside from the inbuilt toilet.
The Meriton Serviced Apartment on Pitt Street is really close to all the shops and attractions being right in the middle of the CBD. However, there are a few other branches of Meriton Apartments in Sydney all with quite close proximity to each other. If they are all like this one here, I wouldn't mind staying at any of them. :)

Their staff are friendly, the wifi connection is really fast (so for tourists, you don't have to get a simkad for the data plan), and rooms are always clean. All in all, our stay here was really really comfortable.

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