Thursday, 3 September 2015

Phuket Fantasea, Phuket - A Review

This is also another option for a night activity in Phuket aside from the Simon Cabaret Show I mentioned HERE. This is a bigger attraction than the Simon Cabaret and therefore they provide the full package even in their official website HERE. For this we actually purchased our tickets online as well as the rides to and from our hotel. This was my second trip to this attraction and although I felt nothing much has changed, the buffet quality definitely has. Call me a glutton but for the price, I would expect better food and since I had a previous time to compare with, I was quite disappointed.

The whole package (Show+Buffet+Transport) is about THB2500/pax but I am not sure whether the prices have been revised since then. Do check out their website.

Excitedly in the FantaSea van

The whole place is like a theme park albeit a cultural-themed one. The buildings look beautiful and they have procession and flash shows where dancers showed up suddenly at different times throughout the night with their traditional garments and dances. Adorable shops selling plush toys and other souvenirs are available throughout the park. Think Disney but Thai's version. Haha. They even have a mini zoo/park where the animals and exotic creatures are distributed according to the legends of Thailand. It was really interesting and kids would have fun looking and reading all the cute little plaques with the summary of the myths.

If you look out for the park's mascots you can take some photos with them. After having your buffet at the Palace of Elephants or Pavillion, you can either loiter around some more before the scheduled show.

Their show is mainly acrobatics with some circus tricks thrown in for good measure. It cycled around the legend of the Karala (since the venue is also at Karala Beach) and it was quite interesting and you can see the amazing light shows as well.

I would say if you have never been here before, it is worth a visit. Second visits are probably redundant as the shows did not change over the years. But oh well, that's just me. :)

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