Friday, 11 September 2015

Hong Kong Itinery Part 1

Upon touchdown at the Hong Kong International Airport, we are off to our hotel in Causeway Bay. We were staying in Empire Hotel Causeway Bay. For more info + pictures of our hotel, do check out my review over it HERE.

First up, we got our Octopus single journey tickets. This takes us straight to the Tin Hao Station after a brief change at the Central Station.

All ready to go!

The whole journey took about 45 minutes and since there was nothing much to do, being tourists, we felt obligated to snap more photos from the journey photos of ourselves... LOL

On the way (more like on our ~400m walk) to the hotel, we caught sight of a beef noodles shop. Since our tummies were growling insistently already, we decided to stop by for a quick bite.
Food was average and since I could not read the chinese words depicting the shop's name, here's all the photos if you are interested. UPDATE: I just found out the shop we went to was next to Sister Wah's Beef Brisket Noodles Shop. Hmm, I can't be sure.

Sister Wah Beef Noodles @ G/F, 13A, Electric Road, Tin Hau

Sister Wah Beef Noodles @ G/F, 13A, Electric Road, Tin Hau - See more at:

They have a lot of things on the menu but since we couldn't read any chinese and even our smattering of broken Cantonese were mediocre at best, we resorted to pointing to photos on the wall and saying "One please". LOL. Lunch took us a mere 10 minutes as we were really hustling since we had lots of plans lined up.
Dried beef briskets noodles
Mixed beef noodles soup
Lots of locals eating here~
Summary of the day's plan:

After a fast stop at our hotel, we were off! Once out of the comfort of the hotel's air-conditioning, we got the full blast heat of a HongKong summer.

Due to the amount of photos I will have to put up for just the first day, I decided to divide the day according to their attractions:

Madame Tussauds & Sky Terrace 428

The Sky Terrace 428 (links coming soon)

Star Ferry Ride (links coming soon)

Temple Street Night Market (links coming soon)

Dinner and snacks we had them after Temple Street and in the middle of exploring the night market so I will add some of the photos in this post. Dinner was at Tsui Wah Restaurant, an old chain of restaurant in Hong Kong. They have branches all over Hong Kong (something like Kim Gary and WongKok cafe in Malaysia). The one we went to was at the To Kwa Wan Branch.

No. 8-10, G/F, Jubilant Place, To Kwa Wan.
Tel : 2760 9828
Business Hours : 06:00-01:00

Mr Bf had the fried rice (such a predictable choice, sigh) but it was pretty good and the portion was HUGE! He cleaned the whole plate up so yeah, PROVEN! it's good. LOL

Yeah, excuse my lousy photo-taking skill please XD
Iced Lemon Tea sounds so refreshing after one whole day in the hot, humid weather
I had the HK baked rice! Got prunes inside leh! Special right? *smirks*
After taking our fill from the heavy dinner, we strolled around the Temple Street Night Market. Then my sharp tiny eyes spotted the MUST-HAVE in HongKong! Steamed milk! Yeap, the iconic dessert of Hong Kong! We had these super desserts at Yee Shun Milk Company. I really, really love their steamed milk so please go and try them if you happened to be around this area. However, their steamed egg (Mr BF was sadly eating his while I scarfed mine done in record time *evil laughter*) was not nice at all. I would give it a miss unless you are a fan of the eggy smell. XD

G/F., 506 Lockhard Road, Causeway Bay
Mon.-Sun. 12:00-00:00

SUPER-NYUM! (Must have!!!)
The yucky steamed egg (I can smell it even when they were carrying it to our table)

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