Saturday, 26 September 2015

Coliseum, Mid Valley

This is a back-dated post. We visited Coliseum a couple of months ago in Mid Valley KL and we found the food to be really good and on the average scale considering it is situated in the mall. Coliseum is a an establishment long famous for their steaks etc. If you have read my post on the GO-KL buses, you would probably noticed that I mentioned Coliseum on one of their stops. That would probably be their original shop. However, their owner has expanded since then and now its branches are available in several malls like Mid Valley here and Sunway Pyramid.

The settings in the shop has not changed from their original one which is the old-school coffee house kind of style. I guess it could be called rustic. heh!

We started with our usual local drinks: hot local coffee and iced tea

Followed very quickly by their Butterific French toast...

And on to their mouth-watering fried noodles...

Followed with their soft- shelled crabs in creamy sauce with potatoes and grilled vegetables as its sides. Why didn't I order their steak? Just because I didn't feel like it that time and I was intrigued when I saw they have soft shell crabs on the menu. 

All of the above was above average and the price was alright. That alone would warrant a "I would be back" tag from me usually but because of the amount of selection in malls, I probably wouldn't because although the food was nice, it was not exactly spectacular.

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