Thursday, 24 September 2015

What to Bring when We Travel?

Travelling has become a norm nowadays especially with the burgeoning increase of budget-airlines. Flight tickets used to cost minimum RM1K from Sarawak to KL, has decreased to such an extend that for RM200-300, a ticket there is obtainable. In fact, during promotions (and there are plenty), flights could cost just a mere RM50 or less. Imagine, even bus fares are higher than that for long-distance travel. On a sad note, our national carrier, Malaysian Airlines has tried to compete with the budget airlines and cut corners making themselves a last choice unless it's during their promotions or when business dictates national airlines or normal airlines be chosen for last minute changes to tickets. From their world class meals, now they have been reduced to dry sandwiches with minimal filling for flights more than 2 hours and just drinks and peanuts for anything less. It's quite disappointing actually.

Anyway, I was lucky to be in a job where travelling frequently is a norm and holidays with my boyfriend and family has taken me to plenty of places throughout the last few years. For me, travelling while on jobs are definitely not as enjoyable as many would have thought. It just took me from airport to airport and sometimes, even though I am free to spend time exploring the country on my own, working the whole day has taken the toll on me and I would rather spend my down time in the hotel lazing around and flicking through the TV channels. Sometimes, exploring a new place may sound exciting but when you're alone, it's pretty daunting (safety in numbers) and it's not as fun.

All the time out of suitcases all over the place taught me that we have to be prepared, or risk a lot of inconveniences. So, here's my list of what to bring when travelling for long periods of time or just short trips.

Pink = Short + Long Trips
Blue = Long Trips 

Reasons for the items:

1) Sunblock - you need to protect your skin. No amount of lotion will get rid of burning sensation and you'll look red (if you're like me) for days! No pretty pictures :S

2) Lotion - in case you do get sunburnt. Or, your skin got too dry and starts flaking especially in cold countries

3) Lip gloss - Cold countries, dry get the picture? Those are the makings of chapped dry lips. Or even when you go for holidays, you drink less...sometimes you wet your lips with your saliva and over time this will again lead to chapped lips.

4) Toiletries: Tooth paste and tooth brush - Some hotels do not supply these. Conditioner and syampoo: I feel that most syampoo (usually 2-in-1) given by hotels make my hair dry..

5) Wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer - Useful especially after you pet animals, about to use hands for eating with no basins in sight, or just to wipe any dirty stuff you might come across

6) Tissue - Duhhh! Essentials!

7) Camera - Actually unless your camera is the small variety, I would say photos from the handphones would suffice to preserve the memories. I don't particularly think lugging a gigantic camera around would be very fun. Haha.Of course, that is up to you entirely.

8) Hair ribbon @ Cap - It's for outdoor activities! I don't fancy leaving my hair down when walking under the hot sun. Also, cap can be used to shade from the sun or light drizzle. Another use for the hair ribbon is when you are staying at places without shower caps. I usually only bring ribbon to save space rather than cap :)

9) Shaver - Ehem! I don't have to explain right? LOL

For long trips, I would suggest

10) Nail clippers - It could be inconvenient to look for this sometimes

11) Foldable bags - Important when you have extra purchases. Hmm, come to think of it, this could be brought for short trips as well. :D

Clothes: Do not bring more than 7 sets of clothes + 2 sets of PJs if you are going for long trips. If you are on a short trip, only bring clothes equal to the days you are travelling (less than that is even possible especially when you plan to do some shopping).

Example 1: A week to HK/Indonesia/Thai - 3 sets of clothes plus one set of PJ would suffice (shopping is probably going to take place by the first day)
Example 2: A week during winter to Korea/Japan - 1 FULL set of winter clothing, 1 extra set of long johns, 3 sets of clothes (you most probably won't sweat so clothes can be recycled. Shopping could be slow so if you feel like changing everyday maybe extra shirts?)

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. It is only a guide. :)

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