Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mayflower Restaurant Dimsum, Shah Alam - A Review

Despite the high numbers of negative review on this place, I personally felt their food and service was pretty good albeit the rather high price for their dimsums. However, since theirs seemed to be bigger in portion, i.e. for xiumai, it's four instead of the usual three, I thought the price was justified. They used to be located in No. 2G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla S 31/SKota Kemuning邮政编码: 40460 until recently when they moved to Bukit Rimau. 

Their notice on the move

This was my first visit to their new place since they moved and I felt that their food did not change from their old place. Also, I think despite the negative reviews online most people like myself are still patronising them. So, I guess maybe they are not as bad as most claimed? Hahaha. It was pretty packed when we went on a Sunday the last time. :X


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